Today I Give Up Trying 1611

 And then, Lin Fan came in front of Jin Chengen, who at this time didn't even have the courage to look at him.

        Restlessly, he bowed his head, shame written all over his face!

        "Run away!"

        Lin Fan spoke indifferently.


        Upon hearing these words, Jin Chengen's expression changed and he looked at Lin Fan in shock.

        At this moment, Lin Fan's eyes were filled with a murderous feeling.

        "If I find out that you are still in China after I settle the matter at hand, I will kill you."

        The tone of his voice was strangely calm!

        It was as contemptuous as if he was talking about crushing an ant to death.

        When Lin Fan had left, Jin Chengen was already oblivious.

        Because now his back was completely wet with cold sweat, and there was a lingering fear in his heart.

        Lin Fan's threat just now had caused him to lose his concentration instantly!

        In that moment just now, he had truly experienced what it meant to have a murderous aura!

        In the face of Lin Fan, he didn't even have the courage to resist!

        He was serious!

        If he didn't leave Jiang City, if he didn't leave China, he would really kill himself.

        The next instant!

        Jin Chengen was gnashing his teeth, and while fear was in his heart, a strong hatred surfaced.

        How could he possibly lose to Lin Fan?

        How could he lose to Lin Fan?

        Bai Yi was his!

        It was destined to be his!

        Even if he was a slave or a maidservant, he would have to stay with him for the rest of his life, and if Lin Fan wanted to cause trouble, then he deserved to die!

        Then, he looked at Lin Fan's distant back, and a malicious smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

        "Just wait Lin Fan, it won't be long before your wife becomes a plaything under my crotch!"


        And by the time Lin Fan returned to the hospital with the refined pills, it was already the early hours of the next day.

        "Little Fan, how is it going?"

        The Bai Shan couple hurriedly greeted him nervously.

        Lin Fan nodded and said.

        "I've asked Divine Doctor Lin for a spiritual pill that will save Bai Yi!"


        Upon hearing this, the couple was immediately overjoyed, a medicine from Divine Doctor Lin?

        Then Bai Yi would be saved!

        The divine Doctor Lin was now a well-known divine doctor in China, so if he gave his hand, he would definitely be able to cure the disease.

        And then, Lin Fan went straight to the emergency room.

        "Honey, do you have a solution?"

        When she saw Lin Fan return, Bai Yi asked nervously.

        She was so afraid that Lin Fan would give her a negative answer.

        In that case, she was afraid that she would go crazy.

        Luckily, Lin Fan didn't let her down, but instead handed over the pills with a heartfelt smile.

        "Take it, eat this and both you and the child will be safe and sound!"


        Upon hearing this, Ye Yuqing and the others' expressions all changed as they looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

        If you eat this, you will be able to cure your illness?

        You think it's a magic pill?

        "This medicine is?"

        Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan in confusion.

        Lin Fan then smiled and explained.

        "It's from Divine Doctor Lin, I told him about your current situation and he instantly made this one pill."

        Divine Doctor Lin?

        Ye Yuqing and the other doctors from the doctor's municipal hospital instantly had embarrassed expressions, only feeling that they were being slapped in the face at this time.

        If this elixir came from the hand of the divine doctor Lin, then it was only possible that it might have miraculous effects instead.

        After all, that divine doctor Lin was also a strange man!

        After a few minutes, her face was as red as a tide, and her breathing became steady and strong.

        "Honey, I feel much more comfortable!"

        Bai Yi said in surprise, knowing without saying that the medicine had worked.

        "That's good!"

        Lin Fan let out a bitter smile before he fell to the ground with a poof as well.

        A look of pain surfaced on his face!

        Having run several places tonight, and having Bai Yi and the child on his mind all the time, had directly caused him to have a violent angina as a result of his anxious fire.

        But he had been holding it back, but now that Bai Yi was finally okay, his tense nerves relaxed, followed by a tidal wave of exhaustion.

        "Honey, I'm sorry, it's all my fault... I'm so useless!"

        When Bai Yi saw Lin Fan in this state, she was also heartbroken.

        In her heart, she blamed herself more and more, all too soon her body was so poor that she had a pre-miscarriage, which was why Lin Fan was so worried.

        But Lin Fan shook his head and smiled bitterly, saying.

        "This has nothing to do with you, you've always been in good health, it was someone who wanted to harm you!"


        Upon hearing this, all of Bai Yi's family's expressions changed drastically!