Today I Give Up Trying 1610

 Don't you have money?

        Then give me a billion dollars to spend!

        These words were so arrogant and rude, but the entrepreneurs present didn't even dare to say a word, they all knew that it was their own useless trash that had caused all this.

        If they didn't pay this money today, they wouldn't be able to get out of here.

        "What did I do in my last life to give birth to such a loser as you!"

        "Why don't you die outside?"

        "A billion, a whole billion! I was able to raise this billion with all my money, and now our family is completely broke, are you happy?"

        Looking at their father and mother with a look that was about to eat them, those rich kids finally knew that they were afraid.

        Each one of them was so remorseful that they didn't even dare to say anything.

        They didn't expect that this time they would stir up such a big mess!

        "Kim Seung-eun, you screwed me? It's all your fault!"

        "Yes, it's all because of Kim Seung-eun! He was the one who said this gentleman was a loser and he lied to us!"

        All the rich kids instantly reacted, and then looked at Kim Seung-eun with incomparable resentment.

        If they hadn't listened to this guy's bullshit, how would they have targeted Lin Fan?

        What was the result?

        The trash that Jin Cheng'en had spoken of had now transformed into a terrifying existence capable of dictating the fate of all of them.

        If it wasn't for Jin Cheng'en, how could they have lost a billion dollars for nothing?

        Smell that!

        Those entrepreneurs also cast angry glances at Kim Seung-eun at the same time, clearly having already held a deep grudge against the man.

        All the second generation rich people were pointing their fingers at Kim Seung-eun, which meant that it was Kim Seung-eun who was responsible, and their children were merely being used as a gun.

        At that moment!

        Kim Seung-eun's expression instantly became so unnatural that he was on the verge of tears.

        He had never thought that he had failed to steal a chicken and now he had offended half of the big bosses in Jiangcheng at once.

        If he wanted to develop something in Jiang City in the future, it would be like talking about a fool's dream.

        It was over!

        This is the end!

        Not to mention doing business in Jiangcheng, these people would definitely not spare him now that he had lost so much money.

        It was a mystery whether he could leave Jiangcheng alive or not!

        "You're responsible for collecting all the money!"

        Lin Fan ordered to Long Jiu, before walking straight towards the pharmacy owner: "Medicine!


        Not a single word of nonsense was spoken, and the words carried a strong killing intent!

        Hearing these words, that boss was about to be paralyzed with fear, his expression terrified as he said.

        "I'll give you the herbs, I don't want the money, will you let me go?"

        He also realised that this man in front of him was not to be messed with!

        He himself had dared to move the earth on the head of the taiyoukai, he was looking for death!

        At this time, the pharmacy owner was on the verge of tears, he didn't dare to ask for money now, he only begged Lin Fan to spare his life.

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth curled up into a cold smile as he said.


        The pharmacy owner was instantly pardoned and then hurriedly went to grab the herbs, fearing that if he was slow Lin Fan would back out.

        Half a long time later, he handed the herbs to Lin Fan and then respectfully said.

        "Sir, your herbs!"

        After Lin Fan took the herbs, he simply flipped his face and ordered Long Jiu to say.

        "Revoke his business license and burn his shop!"


        The pharmacy owner's face turned as white as paper with a swish, before wailing.

        "Sir, you can't do this! You just promised to let me go!"

        He had spent all his savings to open this shop, and he hadn't even started to make his money back, so if it was burned down, he would really lose everything!

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        Lin Fan, however, turned his head around and said with a cold smile on his face.

        "I'm sorry, I've misremembered too!"