Today I Give Up Trying 161-163

 Chapter 161


        At this moment, all of the Bai Group's backbone and employees, looking at the grand car that left as if it was on fire, all of them were dumbfounded.

        What's going on?

        Just walk away?


        After watching the Grand Group's cars leave, the Bai Group's crowd was in an uproar.

        Yang Minghao was beaten, but Yang Jinshui did not take revenge?

        Yang Minghao was ruined and Yang Jinshui did not complain?

        Now, Lin Fan is bold enough to say that he wants to destroy Shanda Group, and Yang Jinshui, who is the chairman of the board of directors, has fled with his tail between his legs without even letting out a fart?

        How the hell is that possible.

        In between, the crowd was talking.

        "What happened? How do you see Yang Jinshui, as if he is afraid of Lin Fan?"

        "Fart! Didn't you hear what Yang Jinshui said before he left? Thanking Lin Fan for teaching his son a lesson? Why do I sound like a rhetorical threat to Lin Fan?"

        "Exactly! This is absolutely ironic, I feel that Yang Jinshui is definitely holding back a big move, he wants to eat our Bai Group in one go!"

        "It's over! All of us have been miserable because of Lin!"

        With the crowd talking after!

        Almost everyone has decided that Yang Jinshui, the chairman of Shanda Group, must have been threatening when he said 'thank you for the lesson'.

        And he's not running away at all, he's preparing for revenge and eating Shanda Group in one gulp.

        Think of this!

        The people's anger toward Lin Fan intensified.

        "Lin Fan, do you see that you've done all this? Shanda Group will have their revenge on us!"

        "Exactly! It's comfortable for you to take revenge alone, but you're a sinner for harming us and the group!"

        "Soon the news will spread throughout Jiang City, and I'm afraid there won't be anyone who will cooperate with our Bai Group, and we're ...... finished!"

        A pessimistic mood came over everyone's heart.

        Even Bai Yi's face was also filled with complexity and worry.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, do you think the Grand Group, really wants to get back at us?"

        Bai Yi has heard of Yang Jinshui, who is a ruthless and ruthless baron who can bend and stretch, but once he gets mad with revenge, he will definitely be the one to eat people and not spit out bones.


        In Bai Yi's opinion, Yang Jinshui and Lin Fan have no friendship whatsoever, and this time, their Bai Clan is doomed.

        Just hear this!

        Lin Fan smiles slightly.

        "Don't worry, he wouldn't dare!"

        Don't you dare?

        Seeing Lin Fan's arrogance and rampage, all the surrounding Bai Clan employees sneered at him.

        They didn't believe in Lin Fan's bullshit at all.

        At this moment, they all scattered, and one by one, they started to make phone calls around, seeking help, or planning a way out.

        And at the same time!

        The fact that the Bai family's first wasteful son-in-law had abolished the Grand Group's young master, Yang Minghao, spread throughout the entire Jiang City as if it had wings.

        In an instant, the whole Jiang City was completely exploded.

        Shanda Group is far from being comparable to Bai's. Especially Yang Jinshui, who is a member of the Grand Group.

        Yang Jinshui, in particular, is a prominent big shot in Jiang City.

        Lin Fan, a small door-to-door son-in-law, dared to abolish his son, simply looking for death.

        Almost quickly!

        A piece of gossip, once again, came flooding in.

        'Rumor has it that Shanda Group Yang Jinshui convened the group's board of directors, seemingly discussing revenge for the annexation of the Bai Group!

        'Yang Jinshui appeared at the first-class Hongda Group, perhaps preparing to join forces with Hongda and attack Bai!

        'According to Yang Jinshui's close confidantes, Yang Jinshui has mobilized all his connections, gathered five first-class groups and ten second-class groups in Jiang City, and launched a devastating business attack on Bai's family!

        This piece of tabloid news was like a terrifying earthquake in the business world.

        And when this news, spread back to the White House!

        The entire Bai family completely exploded.

        The oldest Bai, the eldest Bai Hai, and the top Bai family members instantly began to bombard Bai Yi with phone calls and text messages.

        And these phone calls and text messages had only one content!

        Bai and Lin Fan, come to the family and ask forgiveness!

Chapter 162

"Excuse me?"

        After hanging up the menacing phone call from old master Bai, a bitterness appeared on the corner of Bai's mouth.

        It's over!

        She knew that her career as a CEO was completely at an end.

        "Do you regret it?" Lin Fan's face, on the other hand, did not have the slightest concern, but looked at Bai Yi with a smile instead of a laugh and asked.


        Bai Yi shook her head, her eyes filled with tenderness as she looked at Lin Fan.

        "Lin Fan, you abolished Yang Minghao for my sake!"

        "Although, I also feel that you are a bit overreacting, but you are my husband, anything you do, I will bear the consequences with you, even if you step down as the president of the Bai Clan, even if you are expelled from the Bai Clan!"


        Lin Fan's body trembled when he heard Bai Yi's words.

        A slight warm current flowed through his heart.

        At this moment, his gaze towards Bai Yi became softer and softer as he looked at her.

        "Honey, don't worry, I told you, no one can hurt you, including the ...... White family!"

        While saying this!

        Bai Yi, however, did not notice that there was a hint of coldness in the depths of Lin Fan's eyes.

        If you are familiar with him, you must know.

        If the Bai Clan, does something to harm Bai Yi, then Lin Fan will not hesitate to exterminate the Bai Clan ......!

        At this moment, the two of them couldn't help but smile at each other, and now they walked hand in hand towards the White House.

        At the same time!

        Within the Bai family, all the core executives of the Bai family were gathered together.

        The oldest son, Bai Hai, and the second son, Bai Chuan's daughter, Bai Yan, were all present.

        Bai Yan, who had been arrested but not involved in the destruction of the Huang family, has been released on bail.

        At this moment, almost all of the Bai family's attack targets were aimed at the Bai Shan couple in the main hall.

        "Bai Shan, look what your daughter and your son-in-law have done! Now it's all over the city, and everyone knows that our Bai family is in big trouble!" Old Master Bai stared at Bai Shan with an angry face.

        He looked like he wanted to eat Bai Shan.

        It wasn't just him!

        Bai Hai and Bai Yan, who also hated Bai Shan's family to the bone, naturally couldn't help but throw stones at them at this moment.

        "Third Brother, the trouble your family has caused must be borne by you! This time, don't even think about implicating the Bai family!"

        "Exactly! Uncle San, your useless son-in-law has really grown! A while ago, they just sent my family to prison, my dad and my husband, and they're still in there! Your son-in-law, on the other hand, beat up Yang Minghao, huh? I suggest that Lin Fan be sent to the police station!"


        At this moment, the anger of all the Bai family members soared.

        They almost took Bai Shan and Shen Yumei completely as targets for venting their anger and attacks.


        At this moment, Bai Shan, however, could not help but smile bitterly, and he said to the old master Bai.

        "Dad, you have nothing to worry about! Today, Xu Tianlong and all the directors of the Tianlong Group have agreed to work with our Bai Group! No one, at all, dares to touch our Bai Group!"


        Xu Tianlong?

        This sentence, so that the atmosphere in the main hall, a slight quiet, when the crowd reacted, instantly laughter.

        "Hahaha ...... Bai Shan, are you dreaming? The Sky Dragon Group is a giant power, while the White Group is a second-rate power! What qualifications do you have to work with others?"

        "Yes, now a first-class group's young master has pushed our Bai Group into a corner, I think you're crazy, Bai Shan?"


        At this moment, the crowd sneered at Bai Shan's words.

        Even old master Bai's gaze toward his third son was filled with intense disappointment.

        "White Mountain, I never thought that you would be so stupid! Using the Tianlong Group as a shield? Humph, people Xu Tianlong, I am not even qualified to know Bai Zhengxiong, so what qualifications do you have to negotiate with them?"

        In an instant, countless voices of doubt swept overhead.

        At once, Bai Shan was left speechless.

        "Dad! You have to believe me, it's true! Not only did Xu Tianlong and all the directors of Tianlong go to see Lin Fan and me today, they even addressed me as General Manager Bai, with an extremely warm attitude!"

        Mr. Bai?

        Hahaha ......

        At this moment, the laughter in the main hall became louder and louder.

        Everyone's mocking, ridiculing and despising voices were incessantly heard.

        And when Bai Shan, once again, wanted to explain, an indifferent voice, but suddenly came from outside.

        "Dad, explain, just once!"

        "Good advice, but no advice for a real idiot!"

Chapter 163

Good advice, not advice for idiots!

        As the indifferent words resounded in the main hall of the White House.


        In an instant, it changed the color of all the Bai family members' faces.

        One by one, everyone turned to look, and suddenly saw the door, a man and a woman, walking in, it was Lin Fan and Bai Yi!

        "Lin Fan, what the fuck did you say? Who's the idiot?"

        "Lin Fan, you're in big trouble, do you know that? You have the nerve to call people idiots here, are you out of your mind?"

        "Stupid thing, do you have any idea what big people you've offended! What a mess you've made!"


        The moment they saw Lin Fan, all of the Bai family's top executives instantly exploded.

        A wave of insults and abuse came overwhelmingly, almost drowning Lin Fan.

        Especially Bai Yan.

        The moment she saw Lin Fan, she thought of her father and husband who were in prison.

        When enemies see each other, they are extraordinarily jealous.

        Bai Yan went crazy and pounced at Lin Fan with fangs and claws.

        "Lin Fan, you bastard, you punk, you idiot! You killed my father and my husband! I'm going to tear your face off today!"

        As she shouted, Bai Yan tore at Lin Fan's face.

        See this scene!

        The faces of all the Bai family members had a gloomy look on their faces, they had long been looking at this door-to-door son-in-law, and now Bai Yan was tearing his face off, just what the Bai family members wanted.


        The moment Bai Yan's sharp nails were about to touch Lin Fan's face!


        A crisp and resounding slap suddenly resounded.

        Many Bai family members were shocked to see that Bai Yan was slapped and staggered back a few steps.

        In particular, all the Bai family members were confused when they saw clearly the person who did it.

        Because that person was actually ...... Bai Yi!


        All the Bai family members could hardly believe their eyes at this moment. After all, they knew that Bai Yi was one of the most well-behaved and virtuous girls, and rarely even argued with others, let alone hit them.

        It can be said that Bai Yi has never hit anyone since she was a child.

        But now, she actually beat her cousin for a loser.

        "Bai Yi, you ......"

        Bai Yan covered her hot cheeks, also full of incredulity.

        She had humiliated Bai Yi repeatedly, but Bai Yi, even in her anger, had never spoken badly to her, but now ......

        "Shut up!!!"

        Under the shocking gaze of the crowd, Bai Yi, like a little tiger, protected Lin Fan's front, her pair of beautiful eyes, furiously sweeping over Bai Yan and everyone else.

        "Who are you to humiliate my husband!"

        "Did you call him a loser? But he dared to abolish Yang Minghao for my sake and angrily denounced Yang Jinshui!"

        "And do you ...... dare?"


        Bai Yi's words, sharp and pointed, were like a slap on the face of all the Bai family members.

        Yes ......

        They looked down on Lin Fan, thinking that he was just a door-to-door son-in-law waiting to die, but in their hearts they had to admit that Lin Fan's abolition of Yang Minghao and angry rebuke of Yang Jinshui was something that no Bai family member would ever be able to do to death.

        At this moment, even Old Master Bai, feeling his face burning hot, instantly annoyed and angry, stared at Bai Yi and angrily rebuked.

        "Baii, you've gone too far!"

        Too much?

        When Bai Yi heard this, a strong sneer appeared on her flawlessly pretty face.

        "Grandpa, was I too much? You guys are still too much!"

        "My husband has been humiliated by you for three years, yet you have given him a prescription for a soul-reviving potion!"

        "My husband has been abused by you for three years, but you have invited Master Yang Tianrui!"

        "And you, what have you done?"

        Say it!

        Bai took out his own phone and flooded it with missed calls and humiliating text messages.

        "Seventeen whole phone calls and fifty-four text messages, all asking me and Lin Fan to go back to the family and ask for forgiveness!"

        "Unfortunately, I'm not guilty! My husband Lin Fan ...... is even more guiltless!"


        Bai Yi's words, word by word, put to death, instantly made the old master and others, more and more ashamed and angry.

        But then, something that startled them even more, happened.

        "Sorry, my husband and I did not come here to ask for forgiveness, but to ...... resign!"