Today I Give Up Trying 1609

 But why were their parents here?

        But before they could think more about it, their parents rushed up as if they were crazy and threw a slap directly and viciously at their faces.

        "Son of a bitch, what the hell did you do to get us caught here!"

        "You beast, who the hell have you offended? Are you going to get me killed?"

        "I was negotiating a five hundred million dollar contract, but it's all gone because of you, the spoilsport!"

        The parents of these rich kids were going crazy, grabbing their children and punching them as if they wanted to kill them.

        They had never been so humiliated in their lives as they were today, being escorted away as if they were prisoners.

        They were being escorted away as if they were prisoners, and the man who was escorting them was the Commander-in-Chief of Jiangnan Province, they were going crazy!

        What had these rice barrels done that was so unforgivable that they had angered the Commander-in-Chief of Jiangnan?

        Those rich youngsters were all confused too, what was all this about?

        Immediately afterwards, it was as if they thought of something, and looked towards Lin Fan incomparably frightened.

        Could it be that all of this was because of him?

        But wasn't this guy a little white boy who ate soft rice?

        How could he possibly have such great abilities?

        There was a mistake, there had to be a mistake somewhere!

        It couldn't be!

        Looking at the shocked eyes of their own children, the entrepreneurs present knew who they had offended.

        At once, their faces sank and they shouted angrily at their children:

        "Kneel down!


        The rich kids were all bruised and battered, already scared out of their wits, and were trembling as they knelt down, not even daring to take a breath.

        They had all realised that they were in big trouble.

        And even their powerful parents could not save them from the trouble they had made this time.

        At that moment, the entrepreneurs approached Lin Fan with pity and begged with tears in their eyes:

        "Sir, my son has offended you, I hope you will forgive me!"

        "Sir, give us a chance, I will keep a close eye on him and promise not to let anything like this happen."

        They were incomparably scared, although they didn't know who Lin Fan was, but to be able to make an existence like Long Jiu saddle up, that was enough to show how terrifying Lin Fan's identity was.

        On the side, Jin Chengen had long been paralyzed with fear after seeing this.

        Those whitening lips were trembling uncontrollably.

        It shouldn't be, it shouldn't be!

        What had gone wrong?

        How could this trash suddenly become so bullish?

        It wasn't just him, the pharmacy owner was also paralysed with fear after seeing this scene.

        Originally, he thought that he had these gentry backing him up, so he didn't put Lin Fan in his eyes, but in the blink of an eye, these gentry were kneeling down for Lin Fan?

        This guy, what kind of person was he?

        Lin Fan faintly swept a glance at them before sneering and saying.

        "I'm here to buy medicine, and your kids are somehow bidding against me, and even insulting me for being a poor man!"

        "Since you guys are so rich, I'd like to borrow some money from you to spend, so you guys shouldn't have a problem with that, right?"


        When those rich kids heard this, their faces turned white and their bodies trembled even more.

        They finally knew what Lin Fan meant by borrowing money.

        This was fucking extortion!

        And without waiting for those entrepreneurs to speak, Lin Fan said with a cold face.

        "One billion each, one penny less and I won't even let you go!"


        One billion?

        Those entrepreneurs' faces turned green!

        Although they were rich, they weren't so rich that they didn't care about a billion dollars!

        Some of them even had to throw away all their money in order to raise the billion!

        At that moment, they felt their hearts were dripping with blood, and some even felt that their lives were being taken away.

        They hated it so much!

        They could not wait to bury those little bastards in their own families alive, for causing such a mess and costing them a billion dollars for no reason at all!