Today I Give Up Trying 1608

 Yet, this is just the beginning!

        Xuan Mi Science [Penchant] Technology!

        Fu Chun Food!

        Lotte Entertainment!

        One by one, the heads of local enterprises in Jiang City were forcibly taken away from their offices or homes, without knowing where they were.

        Throughout Jiang City, armed military vehicles came in and out with great force.

        Anyone with a discerning eye could see that they had offended the wrong people.

        At that moment, in the pharmacy, the boys had not yet realised that they had caused trouble.

        They were still unruly and untamed, shouting at Lin Fan.

        "Hey, I say, dead poor man, where is the person you called? We're getting tired of waiting!"

        Lin Fan sneered and looked at the gentry who had spoken.

        "So eager to die, huh?"

        "Fuck, you're fucking looking for death!"

        The gigolo was immediately enraged and wanted to come up and teach Lin Fan a lesson.

        But just then!

        An old man walked in through the door, came to Lin Fan and bowed respectfully.

        "Mr. Lin, I'm here!"


        Seeing this, the crowd first froze, and then burst into wild laughter!

        "Punk, this is the helper you found, huh? An old, undead man?"

        They were going crazy with laughter!

        This was too funny!

        After all this, this guy called in an old man who is halfway into the earth, what's the use of that?

        Calling 120 for this loser?

        "You're calling me an old man?"

        Long Jiu's face instantly sank as he stared at that gongzi to death, he had never had anyone dare to call him an old, immortal man after living for this many years.

        With this one sentence, the other party had directly offended Long Jiu to death.

        These second generation ancestors, who only knew how to eat, drink and be merry, did not know such a big shot.

        The gongzi, on the other hand, smiled disdainfully.

        "That's right, I'm calling you old and immortal, what's the matter?"

        "Don't mind your own business, old man, or I'll beat you to death!"


        Just as he said this, he received a heavy slap on the face.

        Immediately afterwards, that gongzi looked angrily at the assailant, but after seeing the other party's face, he was completely cowed.

        "Dad, you... What are you doing here?"

        The man who had beaten him was his own father.

        And now, his father was filled with fear, his face as white as paper, and he was on the verge of pissing himself in fear.

        The face was completely distorted with fear and looked extraordinarily hideous and terrifying.

        "You idiot, how dare you be rude to Elder Long? Do you want to die?"

        This dog with eyes and no pearls dared to say anything nonsense.

        This old man in front of him was one that even he could not afford to offend, and not only could he not afford to offend, the other party only needed one finger to hold his whole family down.

        "What Elder Long, Dad, what are you talking about?"

        Being slapped, the gent felt humiliated in front of his friends and asked discontentedly.


        His father gave him another angry slap and roared as if in a frenzy.

        "Bastard, this old man is Long Lao, he is our chief commander of Jiangnan, Long Jiu!"

        "You even dare to curse him, are you trying to get me killed?"


        His words directly caused Jin Chengen and the others to jump in shock, those eyes were all flooded with horror and shock.

        Dragon... Long Jiu?

        The chief commander of Jiangnan, holding 100,000 troops in his hands, could be called the most powerful person in Jiangnan.

        How could he be this old man in front of him?

        No... Impossible!

        Jin Cheng'en and the others' faces turned deathly pale as they couldn't believe their ears.

        Lin Fan, had actually called in a hand of a military district?


        The shock had only just begun!

        Outside, one person after another stumbled and was pushed out by a group of non-commissioned officers.



        "Why are you all here?"

        Those rich kids were all dumbfounded after seeing them.

        Because the people who came here were actually their real parents!