Today I Give Up Trying 1607

 Lin Fan was angry!

        He hadn't been willing to be catty, but the other party had repeatedly treated him like a kaiju, then Lin Fan didn't mind letting the other party know who was the kaiju!

        "Boss, there's no need to be afraid of him, with us backing you up, he won't dare to do anything to you."

        Jin Chengen arrogantly said, while glaring at Lin Fan provocatively.

        The pharmacy owner had not put Lin Fan in his eyes, and hearing this he felt his back stiffen even more, so he immediately barked out.

        "I wouldn't even feed the herbs to a dog to sell you poor bastard, get lost!"

        Everyone cast a sneering glance at Lin Fan!

        And the gentry, even more so, hurled insults in an extremely insulting manner, saying.

        "Punk, are you deaf? I told you to get lost and you can't hear me?"

        "We'll buy this herb, no matter how much you pay, we're twice as expensive, what's the matter?"

        "To tell you the truth, we are deliberately trying to kill the patients in your family, what can you do to me? You poor bastard?"

        Hearing these arrogant provocations, Lin Fan shook his head and laughed lightly.

        "Rich is great?"


        The group of gentry all snorted and laughed, saying even more smugly.

        "Being rich is great, so what!"

        "The one car I drive is enough for you to struggle for the rest of your life!"

        "People, you have to accept your fate! Some people are born with a golden spoon in their mouths, others are as cheap as dogs, like you!"

        Is having money a big deal?

        This seems to be the usual question of the weak, like a rant of incompetence, how ridiculous.

        Of course it's great to be rich!

        With money, one could trample Lin Fan like a dog underfoot like he was doing now.

        "I can tell you guys are rich, so lend me some to spend!"

        Lin Fan smiled wryly.

        It was going to rain and mothers were going to marry, so if some people insisted on seeking death, then there was nothing he could do about it.


        His words however caused the gentry present to freeze, borrowing some money to spend?

        Is this guy crazy?

        Right then, they burst out laughing again, thinking that Lin Fan really wanted to borrow money from them, and each looked at Lin Fan with contempt.

        "I really admire you for being so thick-skinned, being scolded by us like a dog, and you still have the face to ask us to borrow money?"

        "Worthy of being a soft-earner, there's no one else with this level of shamelessness!"

        They gloated and laughed at Lin Fan for being a soft rice eater, without ever thinking that they, the second generation of rich people, were also idle, using their parents' money and power to get away with their lives and make a fool of themselves outside.


        Lin Fan ignored their sarcasm, but silently took out his mobile phone and made a call.

        To him, there was no point in talking!

        If he wanted to strike back, he should use the most direct and painful way to directly make the other party despair!

        Lin Fan, he always does what he says!

        If he says he'll play you to death, he'll play you to death!

        "He's calling, he's calling, this guy's calling his wife!"

        "I've heard that Bai Yi is an incomparable beauty, when she comes later, let's round her up in front of this punk, hahaha!"

        The group of gentry laughed even louder, not taking Lin Fan's threat into account at all.

        How dare this guy even call someone?

        What kind of bullying figure could a soft-serve eater fucking call out?


        They didn't know that right after Lin Fan made that call.

        The entire city of Jiang, was in chaos!



        The office of Jinniu Industries Limited was kicked open with a single kick.

        The shareholders and the chairman inside were all dumbfounded, all with shocked expressions as they watched a group of heavily armed military soldiers walk in.

        Long Qianxi, on the other hand, walked in with a fierce smile on his face and said to a middle-aged man inside.

        "Xu Huashan, why don't you come with us?"

        "Young Master Long, I... What have I committed?"

        Xu Huashan, the chairman, asked uneasily, he couldn't remember when he had offended the Commander-in-Chief of Jiangnan.

        Long Qianxi smiled even more playfully and said.

        "You have not committed any crime, but your son, however, has stirred up the sky!"