Today I Give Up Trying 1606

 A cold laugh came from the entrance of the pharmacy.

        And then, a man appeared at the entrance of the pharmacy with an unkind, sardonic smile on the corner of his mouth, his eyes full of contempt as he stared at Lin Fan.

        Kim Seung-eun?

        The moment he saw the other man, Lin Fan's face sank fiercely.

        "Old Jin, who is this person?"

        Jin Cheng En was followed by a group of gentry, who were currently staring at Lin Fan with disinterest.

        Jin Cheng'en then smiled contemptuously and explained.

        "A punk who lives off soft rice, the Bai family's notorious door-to-door son-in-law."

        When those gentry heard this, they all laughed harshly as well.

        "So it's him, I've long heard that Bai Yi of the Bai family is as beautiful as a fairy, but she found a waste of money as her husband and became the mega laughing stock of Jiang City. When I saw him today, he really is very poor."

        "Kid, taking half a million dollars to buy medicine, so rich? Did your wife give you pocket money?"

        "Dog, you're the one who offended our Young Master Jin? How about this, if you kowtow to him a few times and say you're wrong, we won't give you a hard time, okay?"

        The group of gentry all laughed badly, waiting to see Lin Fan's joke.

        It wasn't the first time they had bullied others with their power, and a punk like Lin Fan was not something they put in their eyes at all.

        Lin Fan frowned and said in a vicious voice.

        "I'm not in a good mood today, so don't make trouble for myself if you guys are any good."


        The group of gentry all froze, wondering if they had heard wrong, that this little white boy was threatening them?

        "Aigoo, I'm scared, what can you do to us, you punk?"

        "Come on guys, he'll have to get his wife to back him up later, hahaha!"

        The group of gentry burst into laughter, becoming even more disdainful.

        Their families were privileged and had strong backgrounds, so they would care about a little white boy's threats?

        In their eyes, Lin Fan was just a mole that was trying to bring down a group of elephants in a vain attempt to embarrass himself.

        And Jin Cheng'en was even more dry, saying directly to the pharmacy owner.

        "One million, I'll take all the herbs he wants, wrap them up for me immediately!"

        One, one million?

        The pharmacy owner's eyes were about to glaze over, what the hell is this, another rich man?

        Immediately, his face was filled with a pleasing look and he said like a pug.

        "Wait a moment, I'll have the herbs wrapped up for you right away!"

        The price was increased by half a million dollars, how could it not be sold?

        This delighted him, a treacherous merchant who only recognized money, and at that moment, he directly ignored Lin Fan and decided to sell the herbs to Jin Chengen.


        Jin Cheng'en sneered twice, before looking at Lin Fan as if provoking him.

        "Sorry Lin Fan, just now I heard you say that you seem to be using these medicines to save people, right? In that case, I'm afraid that the one in your family will have to wait for death."


        Lin Fan's brow furrowed and a wave of fire instantly surged to his heart as he coldly said to the pharmacy owner.

        "Boss, business must be done in good faith, and everything must be done on a first-come, first-served basis. I asked for these medicines first, but you sold them to someone else, that's too dishonest, isn't it?"

        Hearing these words!

        The pharmacy owner gave an impatient tsk and said with contempt.

        "This herb is mine, I can sell it to whoever I want, what's it to you?"

        "You want it, then raise the price, huh? Why would a poor man buy medicine, don't be a disgrace, get lost!"


        Kim Seung-eun also laughed out loud, and then gave a thumbs up to the pharmacy owner.

        "That's a good point, what kind of medicine would a poor man buy? Just wait to die!"

        The pharmacist laughed.

        "I'm speaking from the bottom of my heart, a poor man wants to steal medicine from you, don't take a piss and look at yourself."


        Lin Fan smiled fiercely, and the corners of his mouth curved up into an evil arc: "I said I won't.

        "I said that I won't continue to raise the price any further, half a million is half a million, I advise you better take it!"

        "Otherwise, you won't even have tears to cry about in a moment!"