Today I Give Up Trying 1603


        Zhu Wei was instantly on fire and his entire person directly exploded, he was a doctor graduated from a prestigious university, a veritable doctor.

        But the other party dared to call him a waste?

        At that moment, he smiled viciously.

        "Call the security guards, kick all of their family out, including the one on the bed who is dying!"


        As soon as they heard this, Lin Fan and the others all changed colour, even if they were kicked out, but the other party wanted to kick Bai Yi out?

        Bai Yi was a patient now!

        It was so hard to rescue her from the emergency room, and now they wanted to kick her out.

        How can her body stand the torment now?

        How can a person who sees death without saving it like this be qualified to be a doctor?

        "Zhu Wei, what are you talking about! This lady's condition is still unstable, how can you throw her out?"

        Ye Yuqing questioned in an unpleasant tone, and was upset in her heart.

        And Lin Fan, who was on the side, was already out of patience, you're looking for death?

        There was already a murderous intent in his words.

        However, Zhu Wei did not care at all, instead he provoked with arrogance:

        "Yes, I am looking for death, you have the ability to make me die?"

        A man who was so full of shit that one moment he said he wanted to close down the hospital, and the next he said he wanted him dead?

        That's a lot of bluster!

        But just as he was pleased with himself, a roar came from outside the door:

        "Then I'll do what you want!"


        All of them looked towards the door in confusion, and the moment they saw the other man, they were all frozen as if they had been cast in stone.

        "Dr. Mac...Mac!"

        Zhu Wei's legs were trembling madly as he looked at Mac in horror.

        How could he not recognise this internationally renowned doctor?

        Now, within Jiang City, the most famous person apart from that God Doctor Lin was Mac.

        He was now the main person in charge of Ivan's Chinese and Western Hospital, a hospital that not only saved lives and helped the injured, but even vigorously promoted the exchange of Chinese and Western medicine and the cultivation of doctors.

        Even Zhu Wei had attended classes there!

        However, not only that!

        Just at that moment, another silhouette, too, walked in with it.


        The whole room sucked in a cold breath, as the identity of this being in front of them was also nothing short of terrifying.

        "That's, Pill Elder's personal disciple, Li Kaoran?"

        Ye Yuqing said in astonishment, this was her idol.

        "Oh my god, how did they come here? What the hell is going on?"

        Everyone was stunned, how could these two famous doctors, who were world renowned, appear in their hospital at the same time?

        This was too unbelievable, right?

        At once!

        Everyone looked at Mike and Li Kaoran with awe and admiration.

        To all the doctors, these two were the legends of the medical world!

        However, the next moment they were completely dumbfounded!

        This was because they suddenly saw Mike leading a dozen doctors, with a nervous and uneasy mood, towards Lin Fan.

        And then, under their horrified eyes, they bowed in unison towards Lin Fan:.

        "BOSS, all members of Ivan's Central and Western Hospital have arrived!"

        "Please give your orders!"

        All the doctors cried out in unison, their voices filled with endless respect, the scene was shocking to the core!

        And as the words of Mike and the others fell, the whole room instantly fell into a dead silence.

        Ye Yuqing, Zhu Wei, and all the doctors from the municipal hospital were all completely dumbfounded at this time.

        What did they see?

        The entire doctors of Evans Central and Western Hospital were actually bowing to this guy?

        And respectfully addressing him as BOSS?

        You know!

        The Evans Chinese and Western Hospital was currently the best hospital in the whole of Jiangnan, gathering a large number of excellent Chinese and Western doctors from home and abroad, and this man in front of them was actually the boss of the Evans Chinese and Western Hospital?


        In an instant, Zhu Wei fell to the ground in shock, a strong sense of dismay and disbelief surfacing on his face.

        "This is, a joke, right?"