Today I Give Up Trying 1601

 Half an hour later, Lin Fan dried up in a hurry to the nearest hospital to the mall, and saw the Bai Shan couple wiping their tears one by one.

        Seeing this, Lin Fan's heart sank and he walked up quickly :

        "Dad, mum, what the hell happened? Why did Bai Yi faint for good reason?"

        Shen Yumei was crying and shaking her head, unable to even speak.

        Bai Shan also said with an ugly expression:

        "We don't know what happened, she just came out of the shopping mall and collapsed before she could say a word, and when she arrived at the hospital the doctor said she had heart failure and was sent straight to the emergency room.

        Heart failure?

        Lin Fan's head was about to explode!

        How could Bai Yi's heart fail for good reasons?

        Bai Yi's family had never had a history of heart disease.

        And at this time, the doctor was walking out, and Lin Fan and the others rushed to meet him.

        "Doctor, how is my wife?"

        That doctor took off his mask, and surprisingly, it was a beautiful woman.

        But Lin Fan didn't have time to care so much, he only wanted to know Bai Yi's current condition.

        Ye Yuqing glanced at Lin Fan before saying in a serious tone.

        "The patient's condition is stabilized, except that the fetus in her belly might not be saved."


        When Lin Fan heard this, he felt a thunderstorm.

        A foetus?

        Bai Yi was pregnant?

        At that moment, he asked nervously.

        "Doctor, are you saying that my wife is pregnant?"

        "Yes, how can you be so careless as a husband? Your wife has been pregnant for a month, and you don't even know that?"

        Ye Yuqing counted off, and there was a slight look of contempt in those eyes.

        And Lin Fan was completely dumbfounded, Bai Yi was really pregnant?

        And his own child and wife, now lying in the emergency room, life and death uncertain?

        This made his whole body tremble!

        This dark emperor, who commanded the whole dark world, this one actually began to fear.

        Fear that he would lose his lover and his child!

        "Doctor, it's not his fault, we didn't tell him!"

        Bai Shan hurriedly came up and explained, his eyes red with fear, saying.

        "Lin Fan, we had planned to give you a surprise today, but we didn't expect it..."

        At the end of his sentence, Bai Shan's voice got choked up.

        He also didn't expect that a happy event would turn into a tragedy.

        Lin Fan's mind went blank, he could no longer listen to anything else and rushed towards the emergency room.

        And then, he saw Bai Yi, who was pale and extremely weak in the emergency room.

        This moment!

        Lin Fan's heart was broken!

        He trembled as he went up and grabbed Bai Yi's hand, his voice choked with sobs as he said.


        As soon as he saw Lin Fan, Bai Yi couldn't hold it together and cried out in agony, losing her voice.

        "Honey, save our child! Please, save our child!"

        Obviously, Ye Yuqing had already told her about the possibility that the fetus would not be saved.

        Lin Fan instantly had a tiger shake, this man who was not afraid of the sky and the earth felt like his heart had been viciously stabbed the moment he heard these words.

        "Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to our child!"

        And at this moment, Ye Yuqing followed him in, and upon hearing these words, she immediately frowned.

        "Family, please calm down! The priority now is to protect the life of the pregnant woman, if you insist on saving the fetus, there is a high probability that the pregnant woman will take the risk."

        "I mind if you abandon this pregnancy!"


        Hearing these words, Bai Yi felt like her head was going to explode, shaking her head one by one:.

        "Don't hurt my baby! I beg you!"

        "Honey, help me!"

        This was the fruit of their love, the best gift she had ever given her husband, and if she gave up the pregnancy, she would never forgive herself in her life.

        At that moment, Lin Fan's face was also chilled and he angrily rebuked, saying.

        "My wife and child, both will be fine, don't you touch her, I'll go and find a solution!"