Today I Give Up Trying 1600

 Smell that!

        Miao Qiaowei's expression froze, before he turned his head in a somewhat uneasy manner and said with a bitter smile.

        "Mr. Lin, I was abrupt in this matter, I didn't know what these two unknowing things had done, so please forgive me, Mr. Lin."

        Miao Qiaowei's intestines were turning blue with regret.

        If he had known this, how could he have dared to be so arrogant before?

        This time, he had set fire to himself and caused a big disaster!


        Lin Fan sneered and said carelessly.

        "I've already spared you once before, do you think I'll send you through a second time?"


        Upon hearing these words, Miao Qiaowei's expression changed wildly, and the uneasy feeling in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

        In the next instant, it was as if he thought of something and asked with a sobbing face.

        "You... You are?"

        And then, Lin Fan dropped a heavy bomb.

        "The person who caused your brother-in-law to be shot before was me!"


        These words were extremely appalling, causing Miao Qiaowei's body to tremble madly as if he had suffered an electric shock.

        It wasn't just him!

        Even Second Cuiyun and Song Donglin were paralyzed with fear at this time.

        They had heard before that their uncle had offended a big shot, so he had been arrested and shot, but they had not expected that the big shot would be this man in front of them.


        Miao Qiaowei was already sitting helplessly on the ground, his face was white and he was shivering all over.

        He had been cautious and honest all this time, just because he was afraid of making that being feel bad about him.

        It was a blessing, not a curse, but a curse that could not be avoided.

        After all, he could not avoid this great calamity.

        And this time, he was the one who had invited Lin Fan on his own!

        Miao Qiaowei cried, really cried.

        What kind of sins had he made in his last life, to become relatives with such two sweepers, this time his black hat was really out of the question.

        Thinking about how he had just treated Lin Fan, he knew what would happen to him.

        "It's all because of you, it's all because of you!"

        Miao Qiaowei rushed towards Song Donglin like a madman and gave him a direct slap.

        "Old immortal, you dare to hit me?"

        Song Donglin roared like thunder and directly kicked Miao Qiaowei away.

        This scene stunned both Miao Qiaowei's father and daughter.

        All along Song Donglin had been like a dog in their family, not hitting back and cursing back, but now this was standing up?

        "Song Donglin, are you crazy? How dare you hit my father?


        Miao Cuiyun rebuked angrily :

        "You apologize to my father right now!"


        Song Donglin was laughing coldly:

        "What do I dare not do? In the past, I was afraid of him because he was the provincial number one, but now he's nothing?"

        "Everyone's finished now anyway, why do I need to suffer his anger? I'd dare to beat him to death!"


        Miao Qiaowei was shaking with anger, what kind of sin had he created?

        While Lin Fan didn't even look at them, instead he ordered Long Jiu :

        "This pair of dogs and men, a hundred slaps each, no one is allowed to leave until they've had enough!"

        "And this official and powerful provincial number one ...... change!"

        A replacement?

        A final word!

        The kind of dominance and confidence that comes with the words that you say, caused the people present to be dumbfounded.

        A single word, the province number one change, such an existence, how terrifying?

        Miao Qiaowei, who heard these words, straightened up and fell backwards, unconscious.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, held Bai Yi away and softly said in a comforting voice :

        "Honey, don't cry anymore."

        Bai Yi nodded and meekly snuggled into Lin Fan's arms, feeling incomparably content inside.

        If it wasn't for Lin Fan, she would have had to bear the reputation of being shameless.

        And after returning to the restaurant, Bai Yi was pretending to be fine, not wanting to worry her parents.

        "What took you so long to go, did you fall into a pit?"

        Bai Shan joked.

        The Lin Fan couple just laughed.

        And at this time, the waiter was serving a hot dish.

        "Hey, we didn't order this dish!"

        Bai Shan said in confusion.

        "This, it's a gift because of the shop's celebration."

        That waiter said with an uneasy expression, seemingly hiding something.

        But Lin Fan's family didn't even suspect, after all, it was a common thing for shops to do events.

        The family then finished their meal and let Lin Fan go to pick up the car.

        "Good girl, you're still not going to tell Lin Fan that good news?"

        Bai Shan asked jokingly, a strong look of joy appearing on his face.

        Bai Yi instantly looked pouty and said :

        "I'll tell ...... when he comes back later."

        Only, before she could finish her words, her eyes went black and she fell straight backwards.