Today I Give Up Trying 1599


        However, a few minutes later!

        All the Dragon's Teeth warriors, led by Kou Jianghuai, were striding towards Lin Fan, bowing with the same respect.

        "Instructor, we have been ordered by Elder Xu to come and support you!"

        Elder Xu?

        Xu Longxiang?

        How the hell is that possible!

        The leader of the Dragon's Teeth, Xu Longxiang, had ordered his own men to come here to support this man?

        Xu Longxiang had always been a man of integrity and never used his power for personal gain, but now...

        Miao Qiaowei looked as if he had seen a ghost and looked at Lin Fan with incomparable horror.

        What kind of terrifying background did this man in front of him have that was worthy of Xu Longxiang treating him like this?


        Tick tock!

        Drops of cold sweat instantly slid down from his forehead.

        It was over!

        This was really the end!

        He already felt like one of his legs had crossed the threshold of the ghost, and his body was trembling uncontrollably.

        And it was at this time that Lin Fan nodded his head before looking at Miao Qiaowei and the other three.

        "My men, they're almost all here! You guys want to compare poker faces, right? Then do you guys think my current poker face, is it enough?"


        Miao Qiaowei only felt his brain roaring and sweat pouring down like rain.

        The most powerful bigwigs in the whole of Jiangnan were gathered here, and because of this man's words, the whole of Jiangnan was linked up.

        Who could compare to such a brand?

        Even a provincial number one like Miao Qiaowei didn't have such ability!

        Originally, Miao Qiaowei thought he was a little old man, but what happened?

        He's a god!

        These two unenlightened scumbags have completely screwed themselves this time!

        At the same time!

        Lin Fan looked towards those onlookers who were eating the gourds and said in a cold voice.

        "Do you still think that my wife would seduce him?"

        The whole crowd was silent!

        Everyone didn't even have the courage to look at Lin Fan.

        A single word had sensationalised the whole of Jiangnan, such a super-god was considered to be extremely powerful.

        How could his wife seduce a fat and ugly old man behind his back?

        Unless she was crazy!

        At this time they all realised that they had let Seconds Cuiyun and Song Donglin fool them.

        There were eyes that didn't recognize Tai Shan!

        "You two bastards, why don't you kneel down for Mr. Lin?"

        Miao Qiaowei immediately shouted angrily at the two of them, Miao Cuiyun.

        Where did Miao Cuiyun dare to say a word, she directly knelt down for Lin Fan, trembling all over.

        She looked completely scared out of her wits!

        After that, Miao Qiaowei squeezed out a smile that was worse than crying and asked Lin Fan.

        "Mr. Lin, I have no complaints about what you want to do with them."

        Lin Fan then looked coldly at Miao Cuiyun.

        "I said, pay back a hundred times! She just slapped my wife, do you know what to do?"

        At those words!

        Long Jiu then hurriedly gave a wink to Long Qianxi.

        Long Qianxi was immediately overjoyed, this was a great opportunity to curry favour with Lin Zuo, how could he miss it?

        Right away, he was walking quickly towards Miao Cuiyun and directly opened his bow left and right.

        Slap slap slap!

        Slap after slap, as if he didn't want money, he frantically smacked Miao Cuiyun's face.

        The look was as if he would not stop until Miao Cuiyun was killed!

        "Donglin, save me! Dad help me!"

        Miao Cuiyun screamed in agony, and in a short while, her face was split open and drenched in blood, which made her look extraordinarily frightening.

        The screams were like the sound of a pig being killed, incomparably miserable.

        But Song Donglin and Miao Qiaowei didn't dare to breathe a single breath, how could they dare to go forward at this moment?

        Wouldn't they be looking for death?

        Everyone could see that Lin Fan was not going to spare Miao Cuiyun and the two of them today.

        A hundredfold repayment, wouldn't that be a hundred slaps?

        Wouldn't that kill them?

        At that moment, Miao Qiaowei made an immediate decision and angrily rebuked, saying.

        "What have you done? I don't care about you guys, you should pay the price for offending Mr. Lin!"

        He already knew that he couldn't save Cuiyun, so in order not to be implicated, he had to go it alone.


        Just then, Lin Fan's icy gaze landed on him.

        "Did I say you could leave?"