Today I Give Up Trying 1598

 Miao Qiaowei felt like he was about to explode at this time.

        Long Jiu's status was comparable to his, an existence that even Long Jiu had to bow and curtsy to, so how could he possibly he could afford to mess with?

        Damn it!

        Miao Cuiyun, these two idiots, what kind of people had they pissed off?


        Lin Fan responded indifferently.

        Seeing that Lin Fan was in a bad mood, Long Jiu didn't dare to say anything more and silently led his men to stand behind Lin Fan.

        At this moment, those police officers were confused!

        At this moment, they wouldn't dare to go forward even if they had the guts to do so. If they still couldn't see that Lin Fan had a background at this time, then they were out of their minds.

        At this time, Miao Qiaowei also sensed that something was wrong and hastily changed his face, hastily stepping forward with a curt smile.

        "This gentleman, I..."

        But without waiting for him to finish his sentence, Lin Fan waved his hand with extreme contempt as if he was shooing away flies.

        "Don't rush, it's not over yet!"

        Not finished yet?

        What did this mean?

        Miao Qiaowei instantly sensed that something was wrong with those words.

        And when Seconds Cuiyun and Song Donglin, who were at the side, heard these words, they were practically about to piss themselves in fear, their faces paling with a swish.

        They had obviously realised what Lin Fan was trying to do.

        Very quickly, Miao Qiaowei also noticed that something was wrong with these two people, and instantly his face turned gloomy.

        "You two, what else did you do?"

        "I... I..."

        Miao Cuiyun was on the verge of tears, unable to even speak out at this time.

        There was no longer the arrogance and smugness of before today.

        At this moment, Lin Fan then sneered and said.

        "Your good daughter and son-in-law said that they wanted to compete with me in terms of people and cards, so I'm going to have a good competition with him!"


        Miao Qiaowei's expression changed wildly, these two bastards, and they said such unknowing words?



        Before Miao Qiaowei could ask, the sound of footsteps once again came from outside!

        The four great masters of the family had all descended!


        This time, the atmosphere became even more oppressive and terrifying.

        Clearly, they had all realised who these four great family lords of Jiangnan had come for!

        "What's going on..."

        Miao Qiaowei was sweating coldly, unable to even stand up at this time.

        First it was the Jiangnan Commander-in-Chief, and then the four richest families in Jiangnan?

        What the hell is going on here!

        At this time, not to mention Seconds Cuiyun, even he had an urge to cry and was about to be scared silly.

        "Mr. Lin, who dared to be so bold , to upset you?"

        Ye Shihao directly asked in a stern and angry voice.

        "I'll bury them alive!"


        Hearing these words, the horny but gutless Song Donglin directly fell to the ground in fear, his expression was like that of a dead mother and father.

        "It's you punk, isn't it?"

        Ye Shihao stared at Song Donglin in anger.

        And at that moment, Lin Fan smiled and discouraged, saying.

        "Don't rush, wait a little longer!"


        When Lin Fan's words fell, almost everyone on the entire floor was about to piss themselves in fear?

        Wait a little longer?

        There were still people coming?

        They were all dumbfounded, just how terrifying an energy this young man contained, calling so many bigwigs to come, and it wasn't enough?

        "Damn it! What the hell have you done?"

        Miao Qiaowei angrily grabbed Sec Cuiyun's collar and roared like a madman.

        He was on the verge of going mad!

        This man, he was too terrifying!

        He was utterly terrified.

        Even he had to be polite when he met them.

        But now, even if all these bigwigs appeared together, they were still treating this man in front of him with such respect, like a pug.

        How could he not be afraid of this?

        However, what was even more terrifying was yet to come!

        Just then!

        Boom boom boom!

        A terrifying roar instantly came from outside!

        In an instant, everyone looked terrified and muttered.

        "That's, the sound of a helicopter!"