Today I Give Up Trying 1597


        The whole room was in complete uproar!

        Every one of them felt as if they were dreaming and couldn't believe their ears at all.

        What had they heard?

        This kid, he dared to threaten Provincial No. 1?

        How dare he do that?

        He had beaten up his daughter, and now he dared to humiliate him like this in front of everyone's eyes?

        What a lunatic!

        This is a madman!

        Everyone shook their heads with contempt, feeling that Lin Fan was an idiot, an idiot who was looking for death.

        And at this time!

        Miao Qiaowei's face suddenly turned gloomy, this guy was threatening himself?

        He had never been threatened like this before!

        At that moment, he was completely furious!

        If word of this got out, how could he lose face?

        How dare a powerless commoner be so arrogant as to disregard him as Provincial No. 1?

        How dare you!

        "Someone, arrest this bastard!"

        And see this!

        Miao Cuiyun and Song Donglin both went mad with joy.

        Daring to anger a Provincial No. 1, then what would happen to this guy, that went without saying.


        Right at that moment!

        "Provincial No. 1, what a great official authority!"

        A teasing chortle came from behind the crowd, and then a team walked over in big strides.

        "That's it, the Jiangnan Commander-in-Chief!"

        Everyone was stunned when they saw the leader!

        Because this was the Commander-in-Chief of Jiangnan, Long Jiu, who held the military power!

        This was an existence that was no less than Miao Qiaowei!

        His appearance directly caused the atmosphere in the room to become extremely bizarre!

        Everyone was dumbfounded.

        This Jiangnan Commander-in-Chief, why was he here?

        Miao Qiaowei's expression, too, changed instantly, and a sense of foreboding fiercely came over him.

        There was no way that Long Jiu's appearance here was just a coincidence!

        And although Long Jiu was not in the same administrative body as him, he would not be weaker than himself in terms of status.

        The whole room was appalled!

        Everyone was silent and looked towards Long Jiu in extreme horror!

        This, was it going to be a divine fight?

        They all felt that the atmosphere seemed to have become very delicate, and there seemed to be a murderous aura running around vaguely, which made them very uneasy.

        At that moment, Miao Qiaowei was looking at Long Jiu with an ugly face:

        Long Jiu, he is one of your men?

        In his opinion, it was definitely no coincidence that Long Jiu would appear here, it must be for this kid in front of him.

        And he then assumed that Lin Fan was one of Long Jiu's people!

        Only, Long Jiu smiled faintly and said :

        "He's not one of mine!"

        Miao Qiaowei then let out a long breath of relief and said with a smile :

        "Not then..."

        But before the last good word could come out, he heard Long Jiu say in a shocking voice:

        "And I'm his man!"


        The entire floor fell into a dead silence at this instant, and everyone was on the verge of being scared silly.

        These words were like a heavy hammer that struck hard above the hearts of the people present, causing their hearts to beat wildly.

        "He is not one of mine, and I am one of his!"

        Had they heard wrong?

        Long Jiu had actually said that he was Lin Fan's man?

        An illusion!

        This was simply an illusion!

        The chief commander of Jiangnan was saying that he was someone else's pony?

        The Miao Qiaowei family, who were quite good at this, were directly confused at this time, and that heart also had a violent sense of foreboding.

        They had just, I think, misheard?

        Lin Fan only looked like he was in his early twenties, if Long Jiu was really his pony, then how terrifying would his background be?

        They couldn't even imagine it!

        However, the next scene made them completely despair!

        Only to see Long Jiu walk directly towards Lin Fan, and then he bowed to him and said incomparably respectfully.

        "Mr. Lin, I'm here!"


        This phrase, Mr. Lin, directly caused the faces of the people present to turn pale and almost fall to the ground in fear!

        The Commander-in-Chief of Jiangnan, actually bowing to this young man?

        Oh my God!

        This was too unbelievable, wasn't it?

        Who the hell is he?

        Everyone was looking at Lin Fan with an extremely frightened gaze at this time, and there were no words to describe the shock in their hearts.

        Miao Qiaowei's heart also thudded, and his face instantly turned as white as paper.

        It was over, we were in big trouble!