Today I Give Up Trying 1595

 No need to say!

        It must be Song Donglin, a perverted man, who has been hitting on women all over the place.

        And he knows what kind of temper his woman has, so she must have been spilling her guts again and let someone teach her a lesson.

        Miao Qiaowei hated it. He was on the verge of losing his black hat, but these two misfits were still giving him a hard time.

        "Dad, hurry up and come over, or Cuiyun will be beaten to death by them."

        Song Donglin added his voice to the jealousy.

        "Send me the address!"

        Miao Qiaowei said furiously, although these two rice buckets were infuriating, but no matter what, that was his daughter, Miao Qiaowei.

        If they dared to hit his daughter, they were hitting him in the face!

        There was no way to settle this score!

        He wanted to see who had the guts to not even take him into consideration.

        After the phone call!

        Song Donglin smiled fiercely and said ingratiatingly.

        "Wife, don't worry, our father will be here soon, this son of a bitch is finished!"

        At these words!

        Miao Cuiyun also got arrogant and looked at Lin Fan and Bai Yi with malice.

        "I'm giving you two a chance now, kneel down and kowtow to mother, then lick my leather shoes clean, maybe I can even consider letting you go!"

        "Or else, I'll make your family die!"


        The crowd was in an uproar!

        At this time, they all reacted to the fact that this fat woman in front of them had a big background.

        Her father was actually the number one big shot in the province, how could this be?

        "Little brother, you'd better get down on your knees and apologise, the people won't fight with the officials, you won't win."

        "His father is Provincial No. 1, killing an ordinary person like you is as easy as squashing an ant."

        "Yes, it was your wife who seduced someone else's husband in the first place, and you beat up his wife, aren't you looking for death? Hurry up and apologise, there might be room for manoeuvre!"


        Lin Fan frowned, and then without saying a word, he slapped the old woman who said his wife had seduced a man directly on her face.

        "You, how do you hit someone?"

        That old woman was directly dumbfounded, looking at Lin Fan in anger and fear.

        "Beat you? If you dare to talk nonsense again! I'll kill you!"

        Lin Fan's eyes were wide with anger, and a strong killing intent was glowing in them.

        "Did you see my wife seduce him with your own eyes?"


        The old woman's anger was suddenly weakened, but she said unconvincingly.

        "I heard what they said, your wife is so slutty looking, she must be right!"


        This time, Lin Fan kicked out angrily, sending that old woman, fiercely, flying out!


        And cold-blooded!

        This scene directly scared everyone present, too fierce this man, this was a rhythm to kill!

        That old woman immediately wailed and spat blood, obviously seriously injured.

        "You, how can you not even spare an old man? You are too cruel!"

        "Men and women who steal, this is men and women who steal! Both of them are no good, the dog and the woman are really not wrong!"

        Lin Fan's move had completely stirred up public anger!

        Everyone instantly spoke ill of Lin Fan, hurling abuse at him in a loud voice.

        And seeing this, Bai Yi became even more helpless, crying and pulling Lin Fan.

        "Husband, let's forget it, shall we go?"

        She didn't want her husband to be insulted because of her.


        Lin Fan's face was fierce and murderous as he said.

        "No one can leave until the matter is resolved!"

        And then, his ferocious gaze was looking around the crowd one by one, like an evil god patrolling the earth with unparalleled brutality.

        "I don't care what you idiots think, but if anyone dares to insult my wife again, that's what will happen to them!"

        "Don't you want to see me kill someone? Go ahead and try!"