Today I Give Up Trying 1593


        Bai Yi's face changed wildly, not expecting the other party to be able to be shameless to such an extent.

        It was clearly him harassing her, but it turned out to be her seducing the other party?


        In the next instant, Bai Yi received a heavy slap on her face, and was hit so hard that she stumbled and sat down on her butt.

        She was directly dumbfounded!

        And the person who struck was the shrew!

        "You... Who are you to hit someone?"

        Bai Yi cried out in aggravation, she hadn't done anything, what right did the other party have to hit her?

        "Little wanker, you dare to hit my man, Secrecy Cloud, beating you is not even light, if you don't bow to me, I will tear your face!"

        After seeing Bai Yi's beauty, she was immediately jealous and wanted to cut her into pieces.

        At this moment, more and more people gathered around, and hearing this they all stared at Bai Yi with contempt on their faces.

        "This girl, she's so young, she's destroying other people's families, she's really shameless!"

        "She has a foxy face, she's no good at all!"

        "Bitch! Shameless! I shame you!"

        And hearing this tirade, Bai Yi dropped her tears one by one and shook her head vigorously: "I didn't.

        "I didn't, I really didn't, it was him who was harassing me!"



        She didn't think that a nice trip to the mall would end up like this.

        She hadn't done anything!

        Why would this happen!

        "Honey, don't believe her bullshit, that bitch came out of the toilet, deliberately bumped into me, then asked for my phone number and pestered me if I didn't give it to her!"

        "You can check the surveillance if you don't believe me!"

        Song Donglin said brazenly, looking at Lin Fan extremely sinisterly, he wanted to see how this bitch would end up.

        "Bitch, how dare you lie? See if I don't beat you to death!"

        Hearing these words, Seconds Cuiyun immediately jumped up in a thunderstorm, and planned to go up and continue teaching Bai Yi a lesson.

        In her eyes, a stern look wiped across her eyes, and her hands made a hook and claw shape, she wanted to tear this bitch's face and ruin her face!

        See how she could still seduce men in the future!

        "No, no!"

        Bai Yi also seemed to see the other party's intention, her body kept withdrawing backwards, shaking her head one after another, tears falling like rain.

        "Save me, please save me!"

        Bai Yi looked at the people present, hoping they would lend a hand.

        But there was only contempt and disdain in their eyes; in their eyes Bai Yi was a slut who had destroyed people's families and deserved what she had gotten into.

        And then!

        The claws of Cuiyun were slashed towards Bai Yi's face!

        Seeing this, Bai Yi was so scared that she closed her eyes!


        After waiting for a long time, the expected pain did not come, so Bai Yi opened her eyes in confusion.

        In front of her eyes, there was still that magnificent figure that made her feel incredibly secure.

        It seemed that as long as he was there, she could not be afraid of the sky or the earth!

        The moment she saw Lin Fan, Bai Yi's tears of resignation couldn't help but well up, and her voice choked as she said.


        Lin Fan looked back at Bai Yi tenderly and said with a smile.

        "Don't worry, there's a husband here! Everything will be fine!"

        It's going to be fine?

        Seconds Cui Yun and Song Dong Lin both laughed coldly, was this scum looking down on them?

        "Kid, you're her wild man? This bitch is stealing men behind your back and you're still protecting her? You're used to wearing a cuckold, aren't you?"

        Seconds later, Cuiyun immediately shouted, not putting Lin Fan in her eyes at all.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, didn't care about what she said, but said in a cold voice.

        "My wife, did you beat her up?"


        Seconds Cuiyun froze for a moment, before laughing extremely arrogantly and saying.

        "That's right, it was me! This bitch seduced my husband, she deserves to be beaten!"

        "What do you want?"


        And what she got in reply was a fierce slap from Lin Fan!

        This slap directly slapped Second Cuiyun out of the way.

        At the same time!

        Lin Fan's face suddenly turned fierce as he said, word for word.

        "It's not great, it's just that I want to pay it back a hundred times over!"