Today I Give Up Trying 1591

 And at that moment!

        Within the Bai family, Lin Fan also received a call.

        "So, the Lin family is ready to make a move?"

        Lin Feng asked with a playful smile, the Lin family was in chaos and that old undead Lin Hongtu's prestige had been lost, this situation was exactly what Lin Fan wanted to see.

        "Yes, now the Lin family is in chaos, to more than half of them want to ask you to return as the head of the family, they are about to be unable to hold on!"


        Lin Fan laughed coldly twice, but shook his head.

        "Lin family, Lin family, slapping me and then giving me a candy, and you want to erase everything that was done to me in the first place?"

        Wanting to rely on the Lin family's family headship to put to rest the revenge of killing his mother back then, what kind of person did he, Lin Fan, take him to be?

        Is the Lin family's family business, is it great?

        "Alright, you continue to keep an eye on it for me, notify me at the first sign of any movement!"

        Hanging up the phone, Lin Fan, with a cold smile, walked towards the outside.

        "Lin Fan, change your clothes, let's go outside together to buy some New Year's Eve goods, it's about to be New Year's Eve, we need to hurry up with the shopping."

        Bai Yi said when she saw Lin Fan come out.

        Lin Fan froze and said.

        "This is a small matter, can't we just let the maids do it?"

        Bai Yi then gave him a blank look and said in an unpleasant manner.

        "You nerd, where is the difference between the maid going to buy and us going to buy, this is our own home, surely we have to buy things according to our own preferences."

        "One more, there is one thing that we have to go and buy in person."

        Bai Yi smiled mysteriously and exchanged glances with the two Bai Shan couples, all three of them mysterious.

        "What is it?"

        Lin Fan asked, puzzled.

        "You'll know when the time comes!"

        Bai Yi pulled Lin Fan's hand and headed out:.

        "Alright, stop talking about it, let's hurry up!"

        A few minutes later [书趣阁], Lin Fan and the others arrived at a shopping mall, and the family of four was happily shopping and then buying things, something that had never happened in the past three years.

        It was only at this time that Shen Yumei felt how much she had gone overboard in the past few years, not even going shopping with Lin Fan once.

        It was obvious that she was perfectly capable of making the family warmer, but she had repeatedly treated Lin Fan meanly and harshly.

        If Lin Fan had been unable to tolerate her and divorced Bai Yi, wouldn't she have been a sinner?

        And where else would she have such a great son-in-law of a great master, not to mention having such a super mansion to live in?

        The more Shen Yumei thought about it, the more she shouldn't have, such a happy and harmonious picture had never been seen in their family, she was really too unaware of her own situation before.

        "What are you thinking about Yumei, my son-in-law is buying clothes for you."

        Bai Shan pulled Shen Yumei back from her wild thoughts.

        Shen Yumei then smiled and did not continue to think more.

        In the future, no matter what, she must make up to Lin Fan properly.

        After shopping around for a while, they found a restaurant to eat at, and Bai Yi went to the toilet halfway.

        As a result, when she stepped out of the toilet, she bumped into a middle-aged man head-on.

        "Are you fucking blind?"

        The middle-aged man spat out without saying a word, his words sharp and mean.

        "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention!"

        Although the other party was very unqualified, Bai Yi did not take it personally and apologised sincerely.


        At this time, that middle-aged man also finally saw Bai Yi's face, and was instantly stunned afterwards.

        So decent!

        This was much prettier than those 18th-tier starlets he played with!

        That noble and elegant aura, that posture of natural beauty, made his eyes about to stare out.

        That harrumph slipped down from within his mouth in an instant!

        And Bai Yi also noticed the change in the other party's demeanor and immediately frowned, disliking this kind of unintentional ogling from the other party.

        It was as if she hated to be stripped naked, it was so disgusting!

        "Beauty, my name is Song Donglin, may I ask what your name is?"

        At this time, the middle-aged man was extending his hand.