Today I Give Up Trying 1590

 "He's so old and confused, he's still angry at this point in time, joke! Now even the Black and White Furies have defected to him, who knows how many more men he has behind him, if Lin Fan really wants to kill him, will your old man go up and stop him?"

        All the Lin family members were displeased!

        Accusations were hurled at Lin Hongtu and Lin Zhanxie!

        Lin Hongtu's face was blue, and he was furious, thinking that Lin Fan was the first time in all these years that the Lin family had ever united to contradict him.

        As for Lin Zhanxie, a punk, he shrank back and didn't even dare to say anything.

        He was afraid that if he said a word, he would be drowned by the spittle of a group of people, and he hadn't thought that his impulse back then would bring such terrible after-effects to the family.

        "No need to say anything, we have decided to welcome Lin Fan into the Lin family! It's useless for anyone to oppose, and calling you here today is just to inform you!"

        Lin Showa gave Lin Hongtu a contemptuous glance and said coldly.

        "Yes, you're old! The Lin family now needs a brand new leader, and that is Lin Fan!"

        Hearing these words!

        Lin Hongtu's face was terribly gloomy!

        It looked as if he wanted to kill someone!

        "You guys are too naive, our Lin family killed his own mother, do you think he will let us go?"

        Lin Hongtu snorted coldly, in his eyes Lin Fan was a wild child who shouldn't have been born, he wanted Lin Fan to be run over by a car as soon as he left the house, how could he possibly hand over the rivers and mountains he had worked so hard to build to Lin Fan?

        So what if he was a Grand Master?

        It's not like their Lin family doesn't have any Grand Masters?

        Letting Lin Fan return to the Lin family now would already be a boon, and if he were to hand over the position of family head, what would the outside world think of him?

        It was he who had driven Lin Fan away in the first place, and now he was welcoming him back again.

        You want him to lose his job?

        No way!


        The other talents couldn't care less, and seeing Lin Hongtu's insistence on going his own way, they all laughed coldly.

        "After all, it was your lineage that swept him off his feet and killed his own mother, not us."

        Lin Shouxing hurriedly cleared the air.


        Lin Hongtu was so angry that his body trembled and he couldn't even speak, meaning that he wanted to sacrifice his lineage to please that damned bastard?

        Hadn't his lineage sacrificed enough?

        The three grandchildren he had personally raised had all been killed by that bastard!

        At this moment, his hatred for Lin Fan had reached an unmanageable level, and that trash had even caused him to be forced by the entire Lin family, so how could he not hate?

        But Lin Hongtu also knew that the situation was now out of his control.

        If he didn't compromise, there was a real possibility that these people would turn against him.

        At that moment, this old fox changed his strategy and coldly snorted :

        He wants to go back to the Lin family, fine!

        As long as he hands over the New Bai Clan, I will agree to this condition, as for whether he can sit as the family head in the future, that will depend on his performance!

        The New Bai Clan is a big piece of meat now, who wouldn't want to bite into it?

        He, Lin Hongtu, was naturally no exception and wanted a piece of the pie from it.

        Instead of giving Lin Fan a free hand, he should trap him under his nose, so that if he wanted to do something to Lin Fan, then Lin Fan would be a turtle in a jar.

        The others still wanted to speak.

        But Lin Hongtu simply clapped his hands and said angrily :

        "One more word and we're done!

        With that, he stopped paying attention to the discontent of the crowd and turned around and walked out of the hall.

        Now, the Lin family couldn't take it any further, but they stared coldly at Lin Zhanyuan:

        You are responsible for inviting Lin Fan back.

        Lin Zhanguai dared not say a word, but nodded his head in a dazed manner.