Today I Give Up Trying 159-160

 Chapter 159

"Ahhh ...... Don't fight it!"

        At this moment, in the midst of everyone's stunned silence, a miserable scream resounded unceasingly.

        Yang Minghao was completely confused.

        The baseball bat landed on his body, and he only felt that all the bones in his body were about to be broken.

        Scarlet blood flowed continuously down his body.

        It was incomparably miserable.

        In the blink of an eye, he had been beaten to a bloody pulp.

        This scene, in the eyes of the surrounding crowd, shocked them to the extreme.

        Because everyone found that this was really beating to death.

        "Gosh ...... what's going on here? What exactly did that Lin Fan do? How could Yang Jinshui beat his own son for his son-in-law?"

        "Yes, and Yang Jinshui even bowed to Lin Fan? This, unbelievable?"


        All the surrounding Bai Clan cadres and members were shocked to the extreme.

        They never dreamed that Lin Fan, who they thought would be finished, would turn the tables and become the focus of everyone's attention.

        As for Bai Yi, her eyes were filled with complexity as she looked at Lin Fan at this moment.

        She thought of Lin Fan's words!

        The person who can hurt him hasn't even been born yet?

        Is this, in fact, true?

        However, right after that Bai Yi shook her head, she admitted that her husband was different, but only different.

        Lin Fan is still Lin Fan, he's not a big man, and he doesn't have a terrifying background.

        Yang Jinshui was most likely polite to him because he didn't want to ruin the partnership with the Bai Group, that's all.

        Think of this!

        Bai actually felt a quiet sense of relief.


        At this moment, as a footstep sounded, the sound of sticks and clubs came to an abrupt end.

        All the thugs, brushing themselves together, bowed to the young man who came near.

        The youth was Lin Fan.

        Yang Minghao raised his head with a bloodied face, and he saw Lin Fan's seemingly smiling face.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan, for, why?"

        Until now, Yang Minghao still seemed to be dreaming.

        He couldn't believe that his oldest son, who loved him the most on a regular basis, had beaten him to death for the sake of a piece of trash, and this was unacceptable and unacceptable to him.


        Lin Fan smiled slightly, he did not reply.

        On the contrary, Yang Jinshui, with a face full of pain, approached and softly said to Yang Minghao's ear.

        "Siu Ho, because you have offended someone you cannot offend! Mr. Lin is the ...... boss behind the Tian Long Group!



        When this word fell into Yang Minghao's ears, it made his eyes, which were instantly rounded, flicker with intense horror and incredulity.

        How, how is it possible!

        "BOSS? you, you are a BOSS? no way, this, never!"

        Yang Minghao shouted as if he had gone crazy, as if he had received a powerful stimulus.

        Just seeing this scene, Lin Fan's smile became more and more terrifying.

        "I never mess with people, but that doesn't mean that people can mess with me!"



        Hearing Lin Fan's words.

        Whether it was Yang Jinshui or Yang Minghao, they only felt an icy coldness from their bones, as if the young man standing in front of them was not a human being at all, but more like a terrifying ferocious beast that seemed ready to choose and devour people at any moment.

        "Lin ...... Lin Fan! You, what else do you want to do? Aren't I miserable enough now?"

        Yang Minghao was completely panicked at this moment.

        The moment he realized that Lin Fan was the Heavenly Dragon BOSS, he knew that he had completely kicked the iron plate.

        This was a terrifying existence that he and the Grand Group could never afford to provoke.


        Lin Fan said, his smile becoming more and more horrifying.

        "If I didn't show up in time, my wife, that's what I'd call a disaster!"

        "So, in order to atone for my sins, I have to make you ...... pay for your sins!"

Chapter 160


        Upon hearing these words, Yang Jinshui and Yang Minghao felt their scalp go numb, and then under their frightened gazes, Lin Fan's foot lifted, and then stomped on Yang Minghao's crotch!


        The sound burst.

        A trace of scarlet blood, down Yang Minghao's crotch, wetting his pants, and a miserable howl, suddenly resounded!


        Yang Minghao's entire body was rolling around in pain, and his face was filled with immense fear and despair.

        "My lower body, no ...... I'm wasted ahhhh ......"

        The sound of screams sends shivers down your spine.

        And seeing this scene.

        Bai Yi, Yang Tianrui, and all the Bai Clan people in the back were all confused.


        Oh my God, Lin Fan actually crippled his son in front of Yang Jinshui.

        This is simply ...... poking the heavens.


        In an instant, the backbone of the Bai Clan surged around one by one.

        They looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at an unforgivable sinner.

        "Lin Fan, how could you do this? You're just looking for death by destroying Young Master Yang."

        "Yes, Lin Fan, GM Yang has already taught Yang Shao a lesson for you, how can you still go too far, if GM Yang gets angry, not to mention that you're finished, even our Bai Clan will be hard to save!"

        "Excessive! Lin Fan, you've gone too far!"



        At this moment, both the group's backbone and the ordinary employees were in a panic.

        They were afraid that Lin Fan's kick would infuriate Yang Jinshui completely, and then the Bai Clan would definitely be in great trouble.

        It wasn't just them!

        Even Bai Yi, who was so frightened that her face was white, was about to angrily rebuke Lin Fan.

        Just at that moment!

        Lin Fan's cold voice, suddenly exploded.

        "Shut up!!!"


        A frighteningly cold air came out from Lin Fan's body, enveloping everyone almost instantly.

        At this moment, everyone's voices came to an abrupt halt, and they felt as if they had fallen into an ice cellar, and their bodies were cold all over.

        That's not all.

        The crowd saw that Lin Fan's gaze, with an indescribably regal pressure, swept over everyone present.

        "Don't you dare pretend you're not here!"

        "What would have happened if I had been late?"

        "What will happen if Baek is insulted by him?"


        The words instantly woke up the crowd.

        That's right!

        Yang Minghao was trying to rape Bai Yi, and as a man, Lin Fan would not be able to stop.

        Not only that!

        Everyone saw Lin Fan's gaze turn to stare at the Yang Clan and his sons and said calmly.

        "I told you, no one can hurt my wife!"

        "If Yang Minghao dares, then I'll waste him!"

        "If Shanda Group dares, I'll destroy him!"


        As soon as the words fell on the ears of all the surrounding Bai's group, the pot instantly exploded.

        This guy has the audacity to threaten to destroy Shanda?


        This kid is absolutely crazy.

        Everyone thought that Lin Fan was bragging and looking for death.

        But they didn't notice.

        When they heard the words 'exterminate him', Yang Jinshui's face was as white as paper, and his entire body trembled so hard that he almost fell to the ground in shock.


        Before, he still had a trace of anger and reluctance because Lin Fan stomped on his son.

        Now that he has come to his senses, he is left with only a strong sense of fear and panic.

        But he knew.

        With just one word from Lin Fan, any big shot from the Tian Long Group could wipe out the Shanda Group with his bare hands.

        Just when the surrounding crowd, accusing Lin Fan of speaking out of turn, would cause great trouble!

        Everyone was shocked to find out.

        Not only was Yang Jinshui not the least bit annoyed, but he came to Lin Fan and Bai Yi with a frightened face and bowed once again.

        "I, Yang ......, have not disciplined my son well, and I am sorry to Mr. and Mrs. Lin!"

        "Here, I'd like to make amends to the two of you, and thank Mr. Lin for his kindness in teaching the dog a lesson!"

        "The little one will not bother the two of you, this ...... this is goodbye!"


        Like a frightened rabbit, Yang Jinshui quickly took care of his men, picked up his son, and got into the car.

        In front of everyone's incredulous eyes, a car, panicked and hurriedly left.