Today I Give Up Trying 1589

 "That's really what he said?"

        A few hours later, within the Lin family's mansion, Lin Hongtu stormed out and roared in anger.

        At this moment!

        All the top brass were all gathered together, including Lin Fan's own father, Lin Zhanxie.

        All of them looked like frosted aubergines, completely absent-minded!

        There was extreme fear and anxiety in their eyes!

        Obviously they all already knew that Lin Fan was the Lin Patriarch, and this was obviously bad news for them.

        A Grand Master who was only in his twenties!

        A single move to defeat the Black and White Dual Furies!

        These two pieces of news, whichever one it was, were enough to scare the living daylights out of them.

        Something was wrong!

        Something big had happened!

        Immediately, Lin Hongtu looked coldly at his brothers and said angrily.

        "What do you mean by asking me to convene this meeting in the middle of the night? Do you want to force the palace? Or do you want me to abdicate and give up my position?"

        "Brother, will you stop being stubborn? You are not the one who caused this result?"

        Lin General Xing, the second master of the Lin family, said with a gloomy face.

        "If it wasn't for you killing Lin Fan's own mother and sweeping him off his feet back then, how would we be in this situation today?"

        The third master, Lin Showa, also snorted coldly and said.

        "That's right, even if you killed your own three grandsons, now you've dragged us into it, that's a Grand Master in his twenties, who knows what height he'll stand at in the future?"

        "If he wants to overthrow our Lin family, it's not entirely impossible! Even if he can't overthrow it, then who can stop an assassination or something from time to time?"

        At this time, the Lin family was already on edge.

        This was because they all knew how terrifying a Grand Master in his early twenties was, and he had plenty of time to carry out his revenge plans.

        They didn't want to die!

        "So what? What do you want to say?"

        Lin Hongtu asked back with a cold smile, and there was also a thick murderous look in those eyes.

        He knew that since they had joined forces to force the palace, they must have conditions, wanting to force him into a certain agreement.

        "It's simple, welcome Lin Fan back to our Lin family, such an outstanding young man is most qualified to be the head of the Lin family, more so than those other three grandsons of yours combined!"

        "I also think that the fact that he was able to kill those three unparalleled geniuses all by himself already shows that he is no idle person, such an existence would rather be a friend than an enemy."

        "Family head, for the sake of our Lin family's future, why don't you just bow your head and apologise to him, it's your own grandson anyway, no shame!"


        Lin Hongtu blew up straight away and roared.

        "Dream on! Asking me to bow my head and apologise to that little beast? You are simply dreaming!"

        "Who have I been afraid of in most of my life? Would I be intimidated by a brat? I'll kill him in a minute!"

        Lin Hongtu was furious, in the entire Lin family, and even in the business world of the whole of China, he was the one who said whatever he wanted.

        Now he was asked to apologise to a junior?

        Where did this leave his old face?

        The fact that he was willing to allow Lin Fan to return to the family was a gift to him, asking him to apologise to that punk?

        Did he deserve it?

        The Lin family members present seemed to have already expected such an outcome and laughed coldly.

        Lin General Xing put down the teacup in his hand and said with a leathery smile.

        "Big brother, you're getting old! People, when you get old, you have to serve your age, sometimes it's understandable that your brain is confused and you do something that damages the interests of the family, we don't blame you."

        "But right, just don't make one mistake after another and drag a whole family to bury you with you, right?"


        Upon hearing these words, it wasn't just Lin Hongtu that exploded this time, but the entire Lin family!

        "Young Master Lin Fan is so outstanding, why not let him come back? Are you bent on having your own way, Family Head?"

        In an instant!

        Everyone stared intently at Lin Hongtu, with no respect in their eyes!

        There was only resentment and anger!