Today I Give Up Trying 1587

 The Black and White Furies, that was a peak that could not be surmounted, and now that peak had collapsed in front of her with a bang.

        And, in an instant!

        There was not even the slightest room for resistance!

        At this time, she snapped awake to the fact that this man in front of her was really Patriarch Lin, and a great Patriarch at that, and one that was terrifying to the extreme.

        Even the Black and White Twin Furies couldn't walk a single move in his hands.

        She regretted it.

        Regretted why she had been so impulsive and had come straight to settle the score with this monster, but now that even the strongest of them, the Black and White Twin Furies, had been defeated miserably, what could she use to kill Lin Fan?

        The whole room, a shock!

        When they looked at Lin Fan again, everyone only looked at him with the ultimate trepidation!

        A god!

        This was simply a god!

        A Grand Master in his early twenties, and to have defeated the Black and White Dual Furies in just one move, how terrifying was such strength?

        Especially the Mei family!

        They were all desperate at this point.

        In their eyes, the Two Black and White Furies were invincible. Even if Lin Fan was really a Lin Zong Shi, he would only suffer a crushing defeat under the Two Black and White Furies.

        But who would have thought that Lin Fan would directly injure the two of them with a single strike, causing these two invincible beings to suffer a direct defeat.

        This scene was far too shocking and terrifying for them!

        They even suspected that Lin Fan wasn't even human!

        Finally, Lin Fan spoke up.

        "It was you guys, who injured my men, right?"

        At the same time, with a stern gaze, he stared at the Two Black and White Furies.

        These two old brothers, who were over half a hundred years old, instantly trembled, where was their expert demeanour at this time, they could only nod with a stiff expression.

        "Break one hand each, then leave the Mei family, and I will spare your lives!"

        Lin Fan ordered mercilessly, like a king on high, barking orders at them.

        In response, the Black and White Furies only laughed bitterly, but did not have the courage to resist in the slightest, and directly slapped their palms.

        The two brothers helped each other to get up, ready to betray the Mei family and leave.

        But before they left, they looked at Lin Fan with a complicated expression and begged.

        "Senior, can you tell us your identity?"

        They were eager to know just what kind of person they had lost to.

        An existence as transcendent and exceptional as Lin Fan shouldn't be a bumbling generation, so it would be a good way to die.

        Lin Fan glanced at them, and then asked indifferently.

        "Black and White Twin Furies, do you still remember who you lost to in the only defeat of your lives?"


        A simple sentence directly evoked a painful memory in the duo, the darkest and most desperate moment in their lives.

        The two brothers were confidently chasing after that man, but the other side had completely defeated them in just a hundred rounds.

        Had it not been for their strong strength and forced escape, they would be dead men today.

        And that man is still their nightmare, that magnificent, powerful body, that armour stained with blood, is still vivid in their minds!

        He didn't have a name, but everyone called him the Blood Hell Mad God!

        "You... You're his disciple?"

        Everyone instantly looked at Lin Fan nervously, this young man in front of them was related to the Blood Hell Mad God?

        This, this was too desperate for them!

        That man was already terrifying enough, but the disciple he had cultivated was also so domineering and unparalleled?

        Having been defeated by their master and disciple one after the other, the two brothers only felt that their pride had been severely damaged.


        It was Lin Fan's next words that drove the two brothers completely mad.

        Only to see Lin Fan smile slightly and look at them as he said.

        "No, I am his master!"