Today I Give Up Trying 1585

 Hearing these words, Mei Yingxue's face then instantly turned gloomy as she looked around coldly.

        "Shame on you, since you want to die, then I will fulfill you!"

        And then, she laughed.

        "Go ahead, kill them!"


        At these words, Xu Longxiang's expression changed wildly, and then he shouted angrily at Mei Yingxue.

        "Mei Yingxue, I promise you, if you dare to kill my people, all of your Mei family will stay here today to be buried with you!"


        What answered him was Mei Yingxue's disdainful sneer: "Is that so?

        "Is that so? Then I'll wait!"


        As soon as the words left his mouth, the head of a Dragon's Teeth member was brutally smashed to pieces!


        Xu Longxiang went completely mad, a piercing scarlet glowing in those eyes, just like a raging lion.

        He stared at Mei Yingxue with a deadly stare, as if he could not wait to break the vicious woman in front of him into pieces.

        "Your Mei family, all of you will be buried with him!"

        "I give you my word!!!"

        With that last sound, Xu Longxiang was roaring hysterically!

        Immediately after, he was casting a pleading glance at Lin Fan!

        For today, it was Lin Fan's Dragon's Teeth!

        At that moment!

        Lin Fan's face was also hard to see, and a steaming murderous look appeared in his eyes.

        He hadn't expected that this woman would be so crazy as to actually dare to kill a Chinese soldier.

        He didn't even have the time to react!

        Yet, that was not all!

        Mei Yingxue smiled fiercely and looked at Xu Longxiang.

        "I remember that you have a love interest called Long Kwai, right?"

        "It is said to be quite pretty, I just wonder if it will continue to be pretty after being disfigured!"


        All of the members of Dragon's Teeth had murderous faces, where could they not hear the other party's intentions?

        How could they not have expected that this woman would be so heartless as to ruin Long Qi's face?

        Immediately, they saw a clan master of the Mei Clan instantly rush towards Long Kwai and slash directly towards her cheek, viciously.



        In order to force Xu Longxiang to give in, Mei Yingxue had gone so far as to take his beloved disciple and disfigure Long Kwai completely.

        For a girl, if she was disfigured, it would be like having her life ruined.

        Kou Jianghuai and the other warriors all had horrified expressions and wanted to rush forward, but now they simply did not have the strength to stand up.

        They could only watch as Long Qi, tragically, was beaten by her opponent.

        At this time, Long Qi was also at a loss, her mind was already blank, looking at the approaching blade, she had forgotten how to dodge it.


        The blade swept past, triggering the air currents!

        Time seemed to be frozen at this moment, as everyone looked at Long Aoi in a deadly manner.


        And at this moment, the fierce smile on Mei Yingxue's face grew thicker and thicker.


        Just at that moment!


        There was another familiar muffled sound, and the patriarch who had struck out was swept away in a bizarre arc, towards the back.

        And then, he hit the ground with a heavy thud!

        His head was bleeding and his brains were splattered everywhere!

        It looked like he would not survive!

        In front of Long Qi, there was a figure, which looked so magnificent to all the members of the Dragon's Teeth at this time!


        Long Aoi said in surprise, her eyes flooded with intense ecstasy, and then cried out with a wow sound, the aggression and fear in her heart completely exploded at this time.

        "It's alright, I'm here!"

        Lin Fan picked her up, a cold glint in his eyes, and those who knew him would know that he was already furious to the extreme at this time.

        He stared intently at Mei Yingxue and the others as he sternly snarled.

        "Today, I, Lin Fan, for the Dragon's Teeth! For the brothers who died just now! Let's go on a killing spree!"