Today I Give Up Trying 1584


        With a loud bang, that little white was directly slapped away by Lin Fan, vomiting blood and failing miserably on the spot.

        She had actually been slapped straight away without even touching the corner of Lin Fan's clothes?

        That kind of contempt and disdain was like swatting away an annoying fly.


        A dead silence fell over the entire room!

        This instant, all of the Mei family members were dumbfounded, and a dense sense of horror surfaced in their eyes!

        Xiao Bai was a top-level sect master!

        Her strength was outstanding in the entire Mei family, but she had been slapped away by a trash?

        This was like a fucking dream!

        Even Mei Yingxue was dumbfounded at this time, and her voice was terrified as she said :

        "You, you're not a trash?"

        Faced with this question, Lin Fan smiled coldly.

        "I told you, Patriarch Lin is already here!"


        Mei Yingxue first froze, but then laughed out loud in contempt.

        "Lin Fan, do you mean to say that you are Patriarch Lin?"

        "Hahahaha, Lin Fan, you're fooling the devil, right? There has never been a Grand Master in his early twenties in China, there won't be one now, nor will there ever be one!"

        She didn't believe Lin Fan was a Grand Master at all!

        How old was Lin Fan?

        So far, the youngest Grand Master in China is the Young Witch Master of the Witchcraft Sect, who is the most famous First Genius in China!

        In his thirties, he had reached the rank of Grand Master and was considered the hope of the martial arts world in China!

        But such an unparalleled genius was in his thirties!

        And that's with the support of the clan!

        As for Lin Fan?

        A trash who had been abandoned by his clan, no background, no power, no anything, with just this trash, how could he be a Grand Master?

        "Get lost, useless trash!"

        Immediately, Mei Yingxue was furious and kicked Little White away.

        Little White was kicked away once again and immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, adding injury to injury.

        But she did not dare to show any displeasure and slowly crawled to the side like a dog.

        Immediately afterwards, Mei Yingxue was looking resentful and staring coldly at Lin Fan: "No matter if you are Lin Zong or not, you are not the only one who can do it.

        "No matter if you are Patriarch Lin or not, today you only have one way to die! I want you to pay for causing my son's death!"

        At the same time!

        She also looked towards the members of the Dragon's Teeth, an aggressive, fierce smile spreading across the corners of her mouth.

        "And you guys, don't say I won't give you a chance, as long as all your war generals submit to the Lords' Legion, I won't make things difficult for you."

        "Of course, if anyone doesn't know what they're doing and insists on fighting us to the death, then I wouldn't mind sending you on your way!"

        Today's operation was jointly initiated by the Lin Family, the Mei Family and the Lords Legion, so no one could stop it and must kill Lin Fan!


        All the members of the Dragon's Teeth at this moment, however, roared in unison with sadness and anger.

        "You don't need to be complacent, when the instructor strikes, all of you will pay for this!"

        "Hahahaha, instructor?"

        Mei Yingxue laughed outright, mockingly saying.

        "The only reason I'm leaving you all a dog's life now is because I'm waiting for that instructor of yours to come to my door and deliver death!"

        "Patriarch Lin, right? No matter how mighty he was in the past, against our Mei family, there is only one outcome, and that is death!"

        Mei Yingxue and the rest of the Mei family all had disdain on their faces.

        Was there still less Grand Masters that their Mei family had killed over the years?

        Being a hidden clan and having a marriage with the Lin family, the Mei family's development over the past few decades could simply be described as unstoppable.

        Therefore, in the eyes of the current Mei family, although Grand Masters were not said to be an existence as small as ants, they were not untouchable either.

        And in their eyes, Grandmaster Lin was merely over-mythologised, and even a Grand Master was not invincible.

        As the saying goes, two fists can't beat four hands, no matter how powerful one person is, they can't be invincible!

        With so many of them here, even if that whatever Grandmaster Lin had heavenly skills...

        He would have to die!!!