Today I Give Up Trying 1580

 "So now I'm going to make up for what I did!"

        And then, Kim Seung-eun said in a commanding tone:

        "Divorce that punk and be my lover right now!"

        "You're dreaming!"

        Bai Yi refused without even thinking, gritting her teeth and saying:

        "My husband will definitely find a way to solve the problem, you don't have to be delusional!"



        Kim Seung-eun burst out laughing wildly, as if he had heard a big joke:

        "Bai Yi, how can you expect him to do that? To tell you the truth, if I don't give the go-ahead for this today, there's no way Customs will let it go, so you'll go bankrupt!"

        "If that one can help you out, I, Kim Seung-eun, will eat shit on the spot, hahaha!"

        The voice was thick with disdain!

        But no sooner had he said that than a contemptuous sneer came from outside the door :

        "Then you're going to eat it today!"

        And then, Lin Fan and Mayweather came striding in.

        "Lin Fan!"

        When she saw Lin Fan, Bai Yi was like seeing her life saving straw and hurriedly ran towards him.

        How did things go?

        Lin Fan smiled faintly and said :

        "Don't worry, it's all sorted out, it won't take long for the vaccine to be returned as it was, I've already arranged for a ship, as soon as the vaccine is returned we'll send it directly overseas."


        Bai Yi suddenly breathed a long sigh of relief and rushed into Lin Fan's arms, tears falling down like rain, saying:

        "Honey, what would I do without you?"

        She found that every time she was in danger, Lin Fan could easily help her out.

        Lin Fan was like her patron saint!

        She was glad that she was able to marry such a man.

        And seeing this, Jin Cheng'en was going crazy with jealousy and looked at Lin Fan coldly.

        "Just by you? What a joke! I don't believe Li Xiaoming will let it go!"

        So what if Lin Fan was the divine Doctor Lin?

        Is he just a doctor?

        What's the big deal?

        Did he still want to influence the officialdom?

        At this moment, Lin Fan patted Bai Yi's shoulder, while looking coldly at Jin Cheng'en.

        "Believe it or not, just give him a call and ask him, won't you know?"


        Jin Chengen's expression suddenly changed, seeing Lin Fan's convincing look, he was a bit flustered instead.

        At once, he took out his mobile phone and dialed Li Xiaoming's number!

        However, one minute, two minutes, three minutes...

        He made seven or eight calls before Li Xiaoming on the other end finally picked up the phone.

        "Uncle Li, what the hell is going on here? You let it go?"

        Kim Seung-un asked impatiently at once.

        On the other hand, another man's majestic voice came from the other end.

        "Li Xiaoming has now been officially arrested for accepting bribes and is currently being held in custody!"


        Kim Seung-eun immediately exploded!

        Li Xiaoming had been arrested?

        How could this be possible?

        Only an hour ago, he had spoken to Li Xiaoming on the phone, how could he be arrested in the blink of an eye?

        Was it because of this man in front of him?

        Jin Cheng'en immediately looked at Lin Fan in shock, his eyes looked like they were about to glare out, the shock was indescribable!


        What the hell is going on here!

        And yet, that wasn't all!

        The man at the other end continued to ask after him.

        "Who are you? Did you bribe Li Xiaoming? I advise you to turn yourself in immediately for a lighter sentence!"

        Beep beep beep...

        Jin Chengen hurriedly hung up the phone, a thick look of horror already surfacing on his face, obviously terrified.

        And from this reaction of his, Bai Yi and the others were able to sense that Lin Fan must have done something extraordinary!

        Otherwise, how could Jin Chengen be so terrified?

        Immediately, he was looking at Lin Fan in horror:.

        "You... What exactly have you done?"