Today I Give Up Trying 1579

 Lin Fan, however, only smiled and slowly stood up:

        "The opportunity, you've already been given! You should have taken it!"

        With that, he was leaving towards the door!

        "Don't go! Tell me, are you Lin Zuo or not?"

        Li Xiaoming shouted miserably, he already knew he was doomed.

        But he just wanted to know who he had offended before he was unlucky!


        Lin Fan, however, had no interest in taking care of him and left Li Xiaoming's office without looking back.

        And right after Lin Fan left, a group of police officers poured into it one after another, staring at Li Xiaoming with a serious expression.

        "Li Xiaoming, you are suspected of accepting bribes and using your power for personal gain, please cooperate with our investigation!"


        Li Xiaoming felt like his head was about to explode, and the tears came out of his eyes with a loud clatter.

        He slapped his thighs and cried out.

        "Kim Seung-eun, fuck you! You deliberately screwed me!"


        And at that moment!

        Bai Yi's family was preparing to go back to their old house to move their things when they also met an unexpected guest.

        That was Kim Seung-eun!

        Unlike the previous meeting with Bai Yi, the current Kim Seung-eun was so smug and arrogant that he was looking at people through his nose!

        Because he knows that Bai Yi is now a fish on his plate, and if he doesn't obey him, then all those vaccines will be ruined.

        If he didn't obey him, then all those vaccines would be ruined. And in that case, the 10 billion Bai Yi had invested before and after would be completely gone.

        Bai Yi would be completely bankrupt!

        Under such circumstances, would she dare to refuse her request?


        Kim Seung-eun felt that he had Bai Yi in his sights!

        "Kim Seung-eun, what are you doing here?"

        The moment Bai Yi saw Kim Seung-eun, her face instantly turned gloomy.

        Ever since that incident last time, she had no good feelings towards Kim Seung-eun, and now when she saw that Kim Seung-eun had even come to pester her, her heart became even more disgusted.

        Seeing that Bai Yi had such an attitude, Kim Seung-eun was instantly furious.

        What was it about himself that was inferior to that punk?

        Why should Bai Yi treat him like this?

        At that moment, he sneered and said unkindly:

        "Bai Yi, I heard that your new Bai's is in a bit of trouble, right?"


        Bai Yi's expression instantly changed wildly and immediately realised what was going on and looked at Kim Seung-eun angrily:

        "Is ...... it you who did this?"

        It wasn't just her, even Bai Shan and Shen Yumei were furious.

        "Kim Seung-eun, you beast! You caused my daughter so much misery back then, and now you still refuse to let her go, you murderer, I'll fight you!"

        Shen Yumei slapped Jin Cheng'en fiercely.

        After receiving the slap, Jin Cheng'en still had a sarcastic smile on his face and said disdainfully:

        "Auntie, is it useful to hit me? You'd better think about how you dare to solve the problem!"

        "Or else your daughter, will really go bankrupt!"


        Shen Yumei's face turned green with anger, how could this man be shameless to such an extent?

        He had abandoned her daughter without hesitation, and now he wanted to come back and force her daughter to give in?

        Did they owe him in a previous life?

        Bai Yi also did not expect that Kim Seung-eun would be such a shameless person, repeatedly refreshing his shameless bottom line.

        At that moment, Bai Yi looked at him with grief and anger:

        "Kim Seung-eun, what do you really want?"

        At his words!

        Kim Seung-eun smiled lewdly and looked at Bai Yi's sexy body with lust:

        "In fact, all these years, I've been regretting why I didn't take your first time away before I left!"