Today I Give Up Trying 1578

 "Yo, you can still pretend, what can you do to me?"

        Li Xiaoming didn't put Lin Fan in his eyes at all, and said extremely arrogantly.

        "I'm not afraid to tell you, my brother-in-law is a provincial big brother, even Long Jiu can't help me, so it's useless for you to pick a fight, I'm in charge here, hahaha!"

        "Then we'll see what happens!"

        Lin Fan also laughed calmly and stopped talking.


        This reaction from Lin Fan, however, caused Li Xiaoming to frown.

        This fellow, what did he want?


        Very quickly, he laughed coldly, a son-in-law at home, how capable could he be?

        Wasn't he just looking for reporters and reporting to the police?

        What else could he do?

        Ding Ding Ding!

        But at that moment, the landline next to Li Xiaoming rang violently.

        Li Xiaoming's expression instantly changed as this call appeared at a very bad time, especially after hearing Lin Fan's threat.

        This call gave him a very bad feeling.

        "Answer it! It's for you!"

        Lin Fan said indifferently.

        "Humph! I'd like to see what you're up to!"

        Li Xiaoming coldly snorted, before picking up the phone.

        And then, a voice that was furious to the extreme came from the other end :

        "Li Xiaoming, who the hell did you mess with, do you want to get me killed?"


        Li Xiaoming let out a dumbfounded cry and said in disbelief:

        "Brother-in-law, I've been keeping my peace all this time, what's wrong?"

        "You're still pretending, you've even called me!"

        The man on the other end looked like he was kind of crazy, his voice was thick with anger and fear.

        Upon hearing this, Li Xiaoming also panicked and looked at Lin Fan with extreme unease, was it because of this punk?

        This was illogical, what qualifications did this trash alone have to scare his brother-in-law like this?

        "Do you know who it was that called to warn me? It was the fucking Dragon Tiger Legion! It's the fucking Lin Zuo!!!"

        "I'll be damned!"


        Li Xiaoming instantly fell to the ground in fear, his teeth fighting.

        Lin ...... Lin Zuo?

        How could this be possible?

        How could this punk, how could he have alerted the Lin Block?

        His face no longer had the arrogance and complacency it had before, it was like a frosted aubergine, while looking at Lin Fan with a gaze of utter terror.

        He really couldn't figure out what this was all about!

        A door-to-door son-in-law and a high and mighty Lin Zuo, these were simply two worlds, how could Lin Fan possibly get Lin Zuo to make a move?

        This was like a dream to him!

        "Brother-in-law, you... You're not joking, are you?"

        Li Xiaoming asked tremulously, a lingering fear in his eyes.


        The man at the other end instantly snorted coldly and angrily rebuked.

        "The Dragon and Tiger War Gods have just left, they said that Seat Lin had wanted to give you a chance, if you were honest then he would not make things difficult for you, but now..."

        "Lin Zuo has said that if I dare to protect you, he will take off my black hat!"

        "Li Xiaoming, you're on your own!"


        On the other end, he hung up the phone!


        At that moment, Li Xiaoming's face was covered with ashes as if he had been struck by electricity.

        At the same time, a yellow liquid seeped out of his trousers!

        Surprisingly, he had pissed himself!

        A chance?

        Lin Zuo wanted to give him a chance?

        And Lin Fan was going to give him a chance too?

        As if he had seen a ghost, he looked at Lin Fan in horror.

        "You're Lin Zuo?"