Today I Give Up Trying 1576


        Lin Fan and the others' expressions instantly changed, and that face instantly became not so pretty.

        "Wife, what's wrong with you?"

        Just now, they were clearly happy, why did they suddenly look like this now?

        "The company called just now, saying that the vaccines we produced were forcibly seized when they were at customs!"

        "Those vaccines were produced in an emergency, but they are time-sensitive! The shelf life is only one week, so if we don't sell them as soon as possible, they'll all be useless!"

        "We have invested all our money in the production of this batch of vaccines, if they all expire, we will be completely bankrupt!"

        Bai Yi was on the verge of collapsing to the ground!

        "How could this happen?"

        Lin Fan also frowned and said angrily.

        "Before, Long Jiu had clearly said that a green channel would be fully opened for you, so how could you get stuck at the gate?"

        Bai Yi shook her head with a sobbing voice.

        "I don't know, I'm sorry Lin Fan, I've let you down!"

        "I... I wanted to do something in front of you, to make you proud of me, but... But..."

        She was already sobbing and couldn't even say the words.


        Lin Fan sighed, before holding her tightly in his arms.

        "Fool, what's the big deal, I'll fix it!"


        Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan in confusion before shaking his head.

        "It won't work, now we don't have enough money to continue production, that ten billion investment, it's all gone down the drain!"

        At this time, their capital chain was completely broken, where was the way to find money for production again?

        For another, the reason for the customs seizure is still unknown, and even if they re-produce in the future, there is no guarantee that they won't be seized again.

        "Isn't there still Mayweather here? He is now our partner, a grasshopper on a rope, how could he watch the New White's money tree fall?"

        Lin Fan smiled and said comfortingly.

        Mayweather hurriedly came up to show his loyalty and said.

        "Please don't worry Miss Bai Yi, I still have some influence in the international arena, I will definitely solve this matter!"

        But in his heart, he said, "Your husband is the titular King of Blood Hell, the man who is known as the King of Kings, there is still something he can't solve?


        A glimmer of hope finally surfaced in Baiy's eyes and he gratefully said :

        "Mr. Mayweather, are you really willing to help us through this difficult time? If you can save our New White's, you will be a strategic partner of the New White's in the future!"


        Mayweather was so shocked that he felt as if his brain was about to explode.

        He didn't care about being a partner of the New White's, all he cared about was Bai Yi's status!

        If he really became Bai Yi's partner, wouldn't that give him more opportunities to get in touch with Lin Fan?

        Thinking of this, he was so excited that he was about to pee!

        "Benefactor, benefactor!"

        "Don't worry, Miss Bai Yi, I, Mayweather, will leave no stone unturned and will definitely help you solve this problem!



        The Baiy family looked at each other, they were obviously begging Mayweather to save them, how come Mayweather was acting like he was grateful?

        "It's not too late, let's move now!"

        Lin Fan said with a smile, naturally knowing why Mayweather was so excited.

        "Wife, you and mum and dad stay here first, wait for my good news next!"

        With that, he was leaving together with Mayweather.