Today I Give Up Trying 1574

 The whole room instantly fell into a dead silence!


      Everyone was in such a dense state of dismay at this moment that they couldn't even speak!


      It was Lin Fan!


      It was really Lin Fan!


      He was really the owner of this Fuchun Mountain Residence!


      The impact of this scene in front of him was so great that it directly made the crowd present dumbstruck.


      "He's really the owner of the Fuchun Mountain Residence?"


      Zhu Yuqing fell to the ground with a poof, his face already white!


      As a servant, how could he not know his own master?


      Even if Lin Fan could bribe the security staff, could he still bribe this group of servants?


      They knew that the maids at Dragon Bay had been professionally trained, and every one of them required a university degree or above.


      Moreover, they were not allowed to do anything that would harm their master's reputation, otherwise, if they were found out, not only would they be fired, but they would also have to pay huge financial losses.


      Those harsh conditions are no less than training a pilot!


      The owner of a $750 million super mansion!


      The moment this was stamped out, it swept over everyone present like a shocking wave!


      They all looked at Lin Fan with a look of intense awe, as if they were looking at a monster!


      "Tell them, who is the master of this Fuchun Mountain Residence?"


      Lin Fan looked back at the pair of strange mothers and sons with a cold smile.


      "The owner of the Fuchun Mountain Residence is undoubtedly Mr. Lin Fan!"


      A man dressed as a butler stepped out, a respectful smile on his face.


      "Impossible! This can't be!"


      Lu Danqing was dumbfounded on the spot and lost his voice as he howled miserably, with a strong sense of trepidation in his eyes.


      "This Fuchun Mountain Residence was clearly bought by Mr. Mayweather, so how could you be the owner?"


      "This house is indeed mine!"


      And just then, a careless voice came out, and then a man came out of the house smoking a cigar.


      "But I gave it to Mr Lin, any questions?"




      The moment he saw the other man, Lu Danqing was about to explode straight away:.


      "May... Mr. Mayweather?"




      Zhu Yuqing and the Bai Shan couple stared at Mayweather in shock, this man was the tycoon who had bought the Fuchun Mountain Residence?


      But he had actually given such an expensive super mansion to Lin Fan on a whim?


      "Mr. Mayweather, you... Why is this? He's obviously a loser, why would you give him such a valuable mansion?"


      Lu Danqing had lost his mind and was filled with the fire of jealousy, so his words were not so polite anymore.


      And with this attitude, he immediately made Mayweather's brow furrow and his face instantly turned not so nice!


      How dare you insult the Dark Lord as a loser?


      At that moment, Mayweather glared at those security personnel and angrily rebuked, saying.


      "How does your security at Dragon Bay work? Someone insults the most honourable owner of your Dragon Bay, and you just stand by and act like a dead man?"


      At those words!


      Those security guards instantly reacted, and then walked towards Lu Danqing in an aggressive manner.


      "What do you want, you..."


      But before Lu Danqing could say more, he was already pinned down on the ground.


      "Let my son go, what do you want?"


      Zhu Yuqing also lost her voice and screamed, trying to step forward to stop it.


      But straight away, he was slapped by the security captain and was unable to find his way.


      Immediately after!


      A horrible scene happened!




      With a bone cracking sound, that Lu Danqing's leg was actually...


      was trampled off raw!