Today I Give Up Trying 1572

 Who else could it be but Bai Yi?


      But at this time, Bai Yi was also dumbfounded, she had no idea what had happened.


      That security captain's face instantly sank, and then said curtly to Lin Fan.


      "Mr. Lin, these people have insulted you, do you want me to kick them out for you!"




      As soon as she heard that, Zhu Yuqing exploded, that shrewish nature instantly exposed.


      "You're going to kick me out for this trash? How dare you! I'm telling you, I'm also the owner of Dragon Bay, so who are you to kick us out?"


      At those words!


      That security captain then smiled.


      "Then dare I ask, which area are you owners of?"


      "Qing Hua District's, what's wrong?" Zhu Yuqing said in an arrogant manner.


      "Qing Hua District?"


      The security captain laughed coldly straight away.


      "Qing Hua District is the cheapest area among all the units in Imperial Dragon Bay, the most expensive property is only forty million dollars."


      "But the property that Mr. Lin ordered is in the most luxurious area of Imperial Dragon Bay, the Jinhui District, and it is also the most expensive super mansion in the entire Jinhui District... Fuchun Mountain Residence!"




      Lu Danqing directly felt like his head was going to explode as he screamed in horror.


      "Fuchun Mountain Residence, the top mansion in Royal Dragon Bay! It's worth 750 million, this can't be!"


      That was the most expensive mansion in the whole of Dragon Bay, known as the Emperor's Palace!


      There was no property more expensive than this within the Jiangnan territory, more than seven hundred million, ah, one didn't know if one could buy such an expensive house in one's lifetime.


      But such a property, how could it be Lin Fan's?


      Even Bai Yi couldn't afford such a property, right?


      At this time, not to mention Lu Danqing, even Bai Yi's family was dumbfounded, their eyes about to glaze over.


      Lin Fan had bought a superb mansion worth hundreds of millions of dollars?


      They weren't dreaming, were they?


      Seven hundred million!


      What kind of exaggerated figure was that?


      Lin Fan, a son-in-law, was so rich?


      At that moment, the security captain sneered and said.


      "The house you bought is not even a fraction of Mr. Lin's, how dare you compare yourselves to it?"


      "You're really blind!"


      At those words!


      Zhu Yuqing immediately felt ashamed, he had been slapped in the face!


      They had been slapped in the face!


      They had always been complacent about being able to buy a house in Dragon Bay, but it turned out that the house they bought was not even a fraction of Lin Fan's house?


      At this moment, Zhu Yuqing simply wanted to find a hole in the ground.


      It was so humiliating!


      What qualifications did she have to pretend in front of others?






      That Lu Danqing, however, suddenly burst into laughter for some reason, and looked at Lin Fan with contempt in her eyes.


      "Lin Fan, I was almost fooled by you! It's a pity that you underestimated me, Lu Danqing!"


      "This Fuchun Mountain Residence was already bought by an overseas tycoon earlier, he is the famous pharmaceutical king Mayweather, yet you say this house is yours? Is it possible that Mayweather gave this house to you!"


      He snapped out of it at this time, he had heard that this Fuchun Mountain Residence had been bought by Mayweather a few days ago, Mayweather would give such a mansion to Lin Fan?


      He was simply dreaming!


      "Dan Qing, you're saying that this house isn't his?"


      Zhu Yuqing also asked excitedly, trying to find out what was going on.


      "Of course it's not!"


      Lu Danqing snorted coldly, a contemptuous smile spreading across the corners of his mouth.


      "Look at his virtue, is he qualified to have Mayweather give him a property like this? As I see it, these security personnel have probably been bribed by him to play along with his show!"


      As soon as he heard that!


      Zhu Yuqing became furious and angrily said to Lin Fan.


      "How dare you, Lin Fan, be so shameless as to bribe the security personnel to act out a play to deceive us!"


      "If it weren't for my son's intelligence, I'm afraid he would have fallen for your trick!"