Today I Give Up Trying 1571



      As soon as they heard this, the Bai Yi family's expressions changed, and a bad premonition snapped in their hearts.


      Immediately after!


      They then saw a group of security guards running wildly towards this side at a fast pace, all of them fierce and fierce, with even a hint of tension in their eyes.


      "Lin Fan, I forgot to tell you, this special villa area, not just anyone can enter! If you trespass, you'll have your legs broken and thrown out!"


      "Zhu Yuqing, why didn't you say so before?"


      Shen Yumei roared in anger, the other party was so malicious, this was a deliberate attempt to send Lin Fan to his death!




      Zhu Yuqing, however, smiled maliciously.


      "None of my business, who told this trash to pretend? He deserved it!"


      As far as she was concerned, Lin Fan was dead!


      If an outsider disturbed him, then all the security personnel in the entire villa area would be fired.


      Therefore, the security of the villa area is the most stringent, with one guard at ten steps and one sentry at five steps, and it is not an exaggeration to describe it as heavily guarded.


      When they heard Zhu Yuqing say that someone was trespassing in the villa area, all the security personnel immediately came running wildly from all directions.


      Seeing their physique and temperament, it was clear that these were not ordinary security guards, but a group of special military personnel who had retired from the army to serve as security.


      "Who dares to trespass in the special villa area?"


      An inch-headed youth asked in a deep voice, seeing that he was the boss among this group.


      Zhu Yuqing then smiled maliciously and pointed at Lin Fan, saying.


      "It's this punk, he's posing as the owner of the Premium Villa Area, you guys should clean him up!"


      Seeing this, Lu Danqing also laughed unkindly, Lin Fan had failed to pretend to be a punk and was beaten up severely instead, and even got Bai Yi and the others kicked out.


      Such a disgraceful event would only make Bai Yi disappointed in this trash, right?


      What a godsend!


      At that moment!


      That security captain looked at Lin Fan coldly.


      "Kid, picking a fight, are you?"


      "I'll give you one minute to get lost, or I'll break your legs!"


      At those words!


      Lin Fan laughed and didn't say anything, instead he directly handed over a gold card!


      The moment that captain took the card, he fiercely sucked in a breath of cold air, revealing an expression of having seen a ghost!


      Golden... A Golden Dragon Card?


      The top of the line Golden Dragon Card of Dragon Bay?


      "What are you guys doing frozen? Are you stupid? Why don't you hurry up and get this trash out?"


      Seeing that they weren't moving, Zhu Yuqing became enraged and scolded angrily at the security captain.


      However, at that very moment!


      "All of you, stand at attention!"


      That security captain was the one who roared out angrily.


      Seeing this!


      Zhu Yuqing instantly laughed, thinking that they were about to drive Lin Fan away, and said even more arrogantly.


      "You're all sensible! If you don't get rid of him, I'll complain to your senior management!"




      What happened next was a scene that blew her mind! ''


      All the security personnel stood at attention, their expressions instantly becoming solemn and respectful.


      And then, in unison, they bowed to Lin Fan: ''Mr. Lin!


      "Mr. Lin!!!"




      A dead silence fell over the entire room, the fierce smiles on Zhu Yuqing and Lu Danqing's faces completely froze, and their entire bodies directly looked like they were about to explode.


      Lin... Mr. Lin?


      They stared at Lin Fan in disbelief with wide eyes.


      These security personnel, who weren't even this polite to them, were bowing and saluting Lin Fan in unison?


      This guy, could it be that he was really the owner of this Extraordinary Villa District?


      This... How was this possible!




      They felt like their heads were going to explode as that sweat continued to slide down from above their foreheads.


      As for Bai Yi's family, at this instant, they were also completely frozen, unable to utter a single word.


      "Impossible, the cheapest property in this special residential area is two hundred million, how can this trash have that much money?"


      Zhu Yuqing shouted up like a shrew, while looking at Bai Yi.


      "Bai Yi, don't think I don't know that you bought this house, right?"