Today I Give Up Trying 1569

 Buying a home?


      Buy a house in Dragon Bay?


      Bai Shan then covered Lin Fan's forehead and said in shock.


      "Little Fan, you don't have a fever, do you? Why are you talking nonsense?"


      Zhu Yuqing had said that the cheapest house in Dragon Bay would cost ten million dollars, how could Lin Fan have the money?


      In fact, Lin Fan hadn't spent a single penny!


      It was Mayweather who had compensated Lin Fan for a villa here before because he felt sorry for him, hoping that Lin Fan could forgive him.


      And as Lin Fan remembered the insult that Zhu Yuqing's mother and son had inflicted on their family some time ago, he did not refuse the other party's kind offer.


      Instead, Shen Yumei looked at Bai Yi with suspicion.


      "Bai Yi, is this what you mean?"


      In her opinion, only Bai Yi had the financial strength to do so!


      But Bai Yi shook her head, she didn't even know there was such a thing.


      But just then, a Porsche pulled up right in front of them, and the passenger swung down to reveal Zhu Yuqing's mean mouth.


      "Yumei, you're here to see us, right? How come you didn't say anything in advance?"


      Ever since the last time, Shen Yumei's family had already planned to draw a clear line with Zhu Yuqing and the others, and now that they saw them, they naturally did not look too good.


      At that moment, Shen Yumei said with a cold face.


      "You have made a mistake, we are not here to find you."


      "Not here to see us? Is it hard to say that you are here to buy a house?"


      Zhu Yuqing said with a smirk, not a smile.


      If that was the case, it would be great, it would give her son enough time to get in touch with Bai Yi!


      "So what if it is, my son-in-law has [笔趣阁] made his mark and wants to buy us a house, so what?"


      Shen Yumei said with a suggestive face, naturally not conceding at this time.




      Hearing these words, Zhu Yuqing and Lu Danqing were bursting out laughing madly, looking at Lin Fan with a playful face.


      "Just this punk, and he bought a house? I'll believe you if you say Bai Yi bought it, just this dead poor bastard, he has no money whatsoever!"


      And Lu Danqing was also looking at Lin Fan with contempt.


      "Lin Fan, face is earned by yourself, not given by others, always relying on women to maintain, are you good at it?"


      Lin Fan was just about to open his mouth, but Shen Yumei was the first to scold.


      "None of your business, who says my son-in-law can't afford it? He's the one who spent the money today, my daughter didn't spend a single penny!"




      But Zhu Yuqing and Lu Danqing didn't believe them at all, and they laughed in unison and said.


      "In that case, we'll have to take a good look at how a loser can afford a mansion with a minimum of ten million dollars!"


      "Yumei, I know where the sales office is, why don't I show you guys around?"




      As soon as she heard this, Shen Yumei said badly, she actually didn't believe that Lin Fan could afford to buy a house here, wouldn't it be a reveal if she really went?


      "I...we've already seen it and are ready to leave!"


      Shen Yumei could only lie shamelessly, this was also to take care of Lin Fan's dignity.


      "Hahaha. Yumei, don't act, I think it's because this trash can't afford it at all, right?"




      Shen Yumei's face instantly became even uglier.


      But just then, Lin Fan laughed and said.


      "We don't need to go to the sales office, because I already bought it a long time ago!"




      Zhu Yuqing and Lu Danqing's expressions changed for a moment, before they both laughed with extreme disdain.


      Bought it a long time ago?


      What a way to brag!


      This Dragon Bay house renovation, closing, and all sorts of messy formalities were arranged, it was simply impossible to move in without three to five months.


      They bought it then and were only able to take possession of it half a year later, this guy was obviously lying.


      What a disgusting thing to say!


      At that moment, Lu Danqing was making a bad move and said.


      "Then how about you let us have a tour of your new home? If you don't dare, then it only means that you are bragging!"


      "Whatever you want!"


      Lin Fan smiled faintly, and then directly walked towards the interior of that Royal Dragon Bay.