Today I Give Up Trying 1568

 All of them had mixed feelings in their hearts at this moment.


      Regretting why they had been so rude to Lin Fan just now and missed a great opportunity to befriend him, it was useless to say anything now.


      "Mr. Mayweather, please help me beg for mercy! I know I'm wrong, I'll never pester Bai Yi again, please let Divine Doctor Lin forgive me!"


      Jin Chengen fell to his knees with a poof, trembling all over, with a look that was about to scare the piss out of him.


      This time, he had come to China on the orders of his old man to seek cooperation with Divine Doctor Lin.


      If his father-in-law knew that he had offended Dr. Lin, then he would be completely finished!


      Pissed off, Mayweather stared coldly at Kim Seung-un.


      "Kim Seung-eun, if it were you, would you forgive him?"




      Kim Seung-eun couldn't say anything!


      The answer, naturally, was no!


      And then, Mayweather's cold eyes scanned the crowd back and forth.


      "Idiots, he's such a noble man, they haven't even looked down on you yet, so who are you to look down on him?"


      "Originally, with that man's status, if he just gave you a few words of advice, you would have been able to soar to great heights!"


      "But now... Go and eat S!"


      And with those words!


      Mayweather laughed and left, his laughter thick with contempt and mockery.


      Once he was gone, everyone collapsed helplessly into their chairs with mixed feelings in their hearts.




      And Kim Seung-eun slammed his fist on the table in fury, his face covered in a scowl.


      "I won't spare you all!"


      With that!


      He then took out his mobile phone and dialed a number, gritting his teeth and saying.


      "Uncle Li, I have something to ask for your help!"




      However, at this moment!


      "Lin Fan, just how many more things are you hiding from me?"


      The moment she walked out of the hotel, Bai Yi was glaring at Lin Fan in anger.


      "Are you really the owner of this hotel?"


      Lin Fan had an embarrassed look on his face and said.


      "It's just this one, no more! As a Grand Master, it's reasonable for me to have a luxury hotel worth ten billion dollars, right?"


      He didn't dare to say anything else, if he did, Bai Yi would go crazy!


      "It's reasonable, but why are you lying to me?"


      Bai Yi wouldn't accept this explanation.


      Lin Fan cried and laughed, saying.


      "I'm just afraid that if I tell you, you won't be able to accept it for a while!"


      "Then can I accept it now?"


      Bai Yi angrily grabbed Lin Fan's ear.


      "Good for you, Lin Fan, you're a Grand Master and a big boss at the same time! And yet you froze up and acted like a loser, causing me to be laughed at!"


      "Go home! Kneel on the rubbers!"


      Lin Fan burst into tears and said extremely helplessly.


      "Still kneeling, huh?"


      Instead, by the next morning, Lin Fan took Bai Yi's family and arrived at the top of a mountain.


      "This is, the Royal Dragon Bay?"


      When they reached the place, they were dumbfounded.


      The left side was near the bay, so you could see the expanse of the sea, and the right side faced the metropolis, with the lights of ten thousand homes visible!


      This was the best of Jiang City's real estate, the Royal Dragon Bay!


      Looking at the two five-metre-high stone lions at the entrance, the family was instantly stunned.




      Just the entrance alone was so imposing!


      Royal Dragon Bay was worthy of being the most expensive unit in the entire Jiang City!


      "Little Fan, why did you bring us here? We'd better leave quickly, this is not a place for us to come!"


      Bai Shan said with some inferiority complex, the vehicles he had looked at along the way, there wasn't a single one that was less than a million, so he could imagine what kind of people lived in this.


      He had never seen so many luxury cars in his life!


      So in this place, it was inevitable that he felt a bit out of place.


      However, the corner of Lin Fan's mouth curled up.


      "I, well, want to buy a house!"