Today I Give Up Trying 1567

 "Surnamed Lin, try to fucking touch a hair on my head!"


      Jin Chengen was instantly furious, and directly rebuked in fury.


      "Do you believe I'll make you go through jail?"




      Lin Fan, however, just snorted and picked up Bai Yi.


      "Wife, let's go!"


      Bai Yi still felt like she was in a dream, nodding in a daze.


      And then stood up and looked coldly at Jin Cheng'en, saying.


      "Kim Seung-eun, I think you can see that my husband is excellent! So please don't bother me anymore, I won't be so polite next time!"


      At this very moment!


      She was disgusted to the core with Kim Seung-eun, and was even deeply disgusted that she had ever liked such a person!


      "Damn it!"


      Watching Bai Yi and Lin Fan leave like that, Jin Cheng'en slammed his fist on the table in anger.


      Today, shame on him!


      He had wanted to show off in front of Bai Yi, but he hadn't expected to make Bai Yi look down on him instead.


      And Mayweather smiled contemptuously, while slowly standing up.


      "Since there's nothing else, I'll leave now!"


      Seeing this!


      Kim Seung-eun immediately panicked and said anxiously.


      "Mr. Mayweather, that matter of introducing Divine Doctor Lin..."


      There was already a strong plea in his words!


      As long as he could enter into a partnership with Divine Doctor Lin and develop medicines together, he could guarantee that his fortune would grow at least ten times faster!




      Mayweather, however, laughed contemptuously and said.


      "I told you, the Divine Doctor Lin will not work with you!"




      Jin Chengen asked with a puzzled look on his face.


      As soon as he heard this, Mayweather looked at him, Kim Seung-un, with a look of idiocy:.


      "You're trying to pick up someone's wife, how can they work with you?"




      These words were like a thunderstorm that exploded wildly in everyone's mind!






      More than that, it was disbelief!


      Lin Fan, the Divine Doctor Lin?




      All of them were dumbfounded, and at this time it only felt like their eyes were about to fall out of their sockets.


      How comical and ridiculous this scene was to them!


      It was almost as if they were dreaming!


      A door-to-door son-in-law who was a legendary divine doctor?


      "Mr. Mayweather, you... You're joking, right? He can't be Dr. Lin! You must be lying to me!"


      At this time, Jin Chengen only felt as if he had lost his soul and asked in a state of confusion.


      The person he wanted to work with was actually his own love rival?


      And just now, he had actually begged for cooperation in front of the other party?


      If Lin Fan was really Divine Doctor Lin, then I'm afraid he would have gone crazy with joy in his heart long ago, right?


      Just thinking about it, Jin Cheng'en felt like he was a big joke!


      "A joke? I'm familiar with you?"


      Mayweather sneered.


      "A bunch of eyeless fools, even us foreigners worship such a being like a god!"


      "But how dare you insult him? I think you have lost your minds!"


      "And you, Kim Seung-eun! Originally, since you knew the divine doctor's wife, it would have been easy for you to make a deal, but now..."


      "You dream on!"




      Jin Cheng'en's eyes went black and he almost passed out of breath.


      This time, negotiating a collaboration with Bai Yi was out of the question, and any further attempts to curry favour with Divine Doctor Lin would be impossible!


      The students present were all completely dumbfounded at this time.


      Lin Fan was not only the owner of this hotel, but also the Divine Doctor Lin?


      In other words, he was the legendary figure?


      But they had just insulted Lin Fan like that?


      If they could befriend such a legendary figure, they would have been able to make a fortune if they had been given just a single star and a half.


      But now, there was nothing left!


      At this moment, Liu Beiqin's face was ashen and utterly frustrated!


      When she was at university, she had been inferior to Bai Yi in every way, and even her beloved had been stolen away by Bai Yi.


      When she found out that she had married a loser, she couldn't have been happier.


      She woke up laughing in her sleep!


      But now, she realised that she had been too naive!


      Although Bai Yi had not been able to marry Kim Seung-eun, she had found a man who was a hundred times better than Kim Seung-eun!


      She herself had lost everything!