Today I Give Up Trying 1566

 It's blowing up!


      Completely exploded!


      Hearing these words, both Kim Seung-eun and the others present felt their hearts puffing wildly.


      They simply couldn't imagine!


      Lin Fan, this punk, would be the owner of this hotel?


      What a joke!


      Wasn't this guy a soft-earned trash?


      How had he become the boss?


      "Impossible, this can't be!"


      Jin Chengen also shouted in shock, his face flooded with disbelief.


      "This is a hotel owned by the Universal Group, the cost alone has already exceeded ten billion, he's clearly a soft-pocketed punk, how can he be that rich?"


      Not to mention him!


      Even Bai Yi covered his mouth in surprise at this time, this hotel was actually Lin Fan?


      Damn it!


      Just how many more secrets did this bastard have to hide from himself?




      Everyone in the room felt a cold sweat break out as they cast a look of utter horror at Lin Fan, this guy was Mr. Lin?


      This... How could this be possible!


      The whole room fell into a dead silence at this moment!


      Everyone just looked at Lin Fan, unable to utter a single word, being utterly and completely shocked.


      They had just humiliated Lin Fan like that, with Lin Fan's background and wealth, if he wanted to take revenge on them, wouldn't it be a matter of minutes?


      Thinking of this, Liu Biqin could no longer be arrogant, and his face was filled with fear, almost falling to the ground in terror.






      However, Lin Fan acted as if nothing was wrong, not caring about their reactions at all, still holding the only remaining glass of Romanee Conti in his hand.


      "Alright, game over!"


      He took a sip of his wine, and only then did he place the glass on the table and said to that manager with a cold smile.


      "Manager Liu, it's time to start clearing the room!"


      "Yes, boss!"


      The manager nodded respectfully, before looking coldly at Kim Seung-un.


      "Will you leave on your own or will I kick you out!"


      With a single sentence, the crowd in the room turned red, and for a moment, they actually didn't know what to say.


      At this time, no one dared to insult Lin Fan anymore, because they all knew very well that they could no longer afford to offend this man in front of them.


      "You... Aren't you a soft-earner?"


      Jin Chengen looked at Lin Fan with a grim face, to own a five-star hotel under the Global Group, that meant that this guy couldn't be any worse than himself!


      Lin Fan smiled and said.


      "Who told you that those who eat soft rice must be trash? I'm willing to put my life aside and take care of her wholeheartedly because I love her, isn't that okay?"




      Bai Yi, who heard these words, had his entire body struck by electricity!


      It turned out that the reason why Lin Fan had endured humiliation in their family was all because of herself.


      But she had misunderstood Lin Fan again and again, thinking that he was an unmotivated punk.


      Bai Yi was already too moved to speak!


      Lin Fan, was a Grand Master!


      A big boss who owned a five-star hotel!


      Yet he was willing to give up all this distinction and dignity for himself, willing to be a home-cook just to take care of her!


      That alone is something that a hundred Kim Seung Eun can't even match!


      "Open the door for business, we've spent money here too, so who are you to throw us out!"


      "There are no such rules!"


      Liu Biqin said unconvincingly.


      While Lin Fan swept a faint glance at her, before sneering.


      "Manager Liu, in the future, add one rule to the hotel's rules, as long as the boss is not happy, he can just throw anyone, at any time, out!"




      Manager Liu agreed, and then took out the intercom and said viciously.


      "All of you, come up here! Someone is causing trouble!"