Today I Give Up Trying 1565



      Kim Seung-eun's expression changed instantly, what did Mayweather mean by that?


      Could it be that the Divine Doctor Lin didn't want to see him?


      That was impossible!


      How could he not want to see him when he had never met him and had never offended him?


      How could he not want to see him? If he had money but didn't earn it, then what was wrong with Doctor Lin's brain?


      At that moment, he felt that it was Mayweather who wanted to collect the benefits, and in his heart he cursed an old fox.


      But on his face, he smiled ingratiatingly and said.


      "Mr. Mayweather, I've heard a lot about Dr. Lin for a long time, and I really want to meet this legend!"


      "If you can introduce me, you can ask me to do anything!"


      And then!


      He then shouted to the outside and said.


      "Waiter, another bottle of 90 year old Romanee Conti!"


      He knew that if he didn't give Mayweather something sweet, the old fox wouldn't introduce him to Dr. Lin.


      And then, there was the manager again, slowly walking in from outside, but with all the indifference on his face.


      "Excuse me sir, a 90 year old Romanee Conti is not something that just anyone can buy!"




      As soon as he heard this, Kim Seung-eun became furious and angrily rebuked.


      "Then why can this punk buy it? If you don't give me a reasonable explanation today, do you believe I'll file a complaint against you?"


      Even Lin Fan could buy it, but he couldn't?


      Was this manager looking down on him?




      When he heard Jin Cheng'en's threat, the manager however sneered.


      "As for the wine, it's not available, but if you want to complain about me, you're always welcome!"


      The crowd's expressions changed dramatically.


      He had no regard for the customers?


      This is too arrogant, isn't it?




      At this moment, Kim Seung-eun was also on fire, staring at the other party in anger.


      "Isn't it just money? How much does this guy pay, I'll pay double, bring me the wine!"




      But the manager continued to look indifferent and said indifferently.


      "I said, it's not about money, it's about status!"


      "Want to drink a 90 year old Romanee Conti? I'm sorry, sir, you're not qualified!"




      With those words, it completely enraged Kim Seung-eun!


      If the manager's attitude just now was just looking down on people, then these words were now a direct insult?


      Not good enough?


      He dared to say that he, an old director worth tens of billions, was not qualified?


      Damn it!


      This bastard, he should be damned!


      "You bullshit! Cheng En is not qualified, is this trash qualified?"


      Liu Biqin also angrily chided, while fiercely pointing at Lin Fan.


      Everyone in the room also felt that this manager had a problem in his head, selling wine to a white boy rather than to Kim Seung-un, a rich and handsome man?


      Wasn't that wrong in the head?


      Kim Seung-eun had the ability to spend more than a million for this meal alone.


      On the contrary, Lin Fan, a white boy who relied on his wife to give him pocket money, he probably wouldn't have much chance to spend here.


      But this manager had offended Jin Chengen for Lin Fan?


      And at this time, that manager was looking at Lin Fan, and then said with a respectful smile.


      "Of course he's qualified!"




      The crowd froze again!


      A white boy was qualified, but a rich handsome man wasn't?


      What a joke!


      Everyone couldn't believe their ears at this moment.


      Especially Kim Seung-eun, who only felt humiliated and asked with extreme anger.




      The manager then smiled contemptuously and spat out a sentence that drove everyone in the room crazy!


      "Because, he's our boss!"