Today I Give Up Trying 1564

 He had something very important to discuss with Mayweather today, how could he be delayed by a punk like Lin Fan?


      "Surnamed Lin, you should be grateful that our young Lin let you into this box, don't be shameless!"


      "That's right, don't think you're so great just because you opened a bottle of wine that cost over a million dollars, but you're still spending your wife's money to show off? How shameless! If you have the guts, open a box yourself!"


      "He doesn't have any money! If it wasn't for his wife, why would this punk be so arrogant?"


      Everyone looked at Lin Fan with contempt!


      Washing your hands with a million famous drinks, that has to be your money too!


      They thought to themselves that Bai Yi was probably going crazy inside right now, but he was just holding back his anger.


      Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders, not getting angry either, and said with a smile.


      "You'll regret it!"


      And then, he was slowly standing up and giving up his seat!


      Seeing this!


      Mayweather's face directly turned gloomy, and he sat down somewhat indignantly.


      Kim Seung-un's action had led directly to the consequence that he would not agree to whatever Kim Seung-un said next.


      "Bai Yi, this Mr. Mayweather in front of you is the world's largest pharmaceutical retailer, and his brand of pharmaceutical retail is known worldwide!"


      "I purposely brought him here, wanting to sign a contract with you, so that the medicine your company produces can go international!"


      Kim Seung-eun said with a face full of ingratiation, intentionally showing off his connections at this time.


      And the crowd all looked at Mayweather in astonishment, this foreigner had such a big background?


      The world's largest pharmaceutical retailer, how rich must that be?


      No wonder he has such an aura!


      Everyone stared Mayweather down in awe.


      "Bai Yi, look, it's still Chengen who has the ability to find a partner for you in one go!"


      "Yeah, it's still Seung-eun who has the ability, he's much better than that little white boy you raised!"


      "Bai Yi, why don't you reconsider?"


      All the students spoke up one after another, trying to take the opportunity to befriend Jin Cheng'en.




      Bai Yi, however, didn't have any reaction and even had a slightly contemptuous expression, because she had already reached a partnership with Mayweather a long time ago.


      What need was there for Kim Seung-eun to meddle now?


      And at that moment!


      Mayweather had understood that Kim Seung-eun was interested in the Queen!


      At that moment, a sneer of contempt appeared on the corner of his mouth!


      Would a woman who had been pampered by a lion look at a wild dog again?


      What a joke!


      "Mr Mayweather, I heard that you know Dr Lin, can you introduce me to him?"


      Kim Seung-un gave Mayweather a toast before finally stating the purpose of inviting Mayweather today.


      And hearing this!


      Bai Yi was finally reacting and looked at Kim Seung-eun in shock!


      Kim Seung-eun wanted to befriend the divine Doctor Lim?


      She didn't know about Kim Seung-eun's ambition, Kim Seung-eun had already learned that the vaccine for that new virus was developed by that mysterious God Doctor Lin.


      It was just handed over to the New Paks for production!


      So the patent and property rights, still belonged to the Divine Doctor Lin, and if he was able to qualify for cooperation with the Divine Doctor Lin.


      If he could obtain a partnership with Dr. Lin, he would be able to take over Bai Yi and replace him!


      At that time, Bai Yi would only be able to come and beg him, and what he wanted to do to Bai Yi, Bai Yi would only be able to hold his tongue.


      "Divine Doctor Lin, the one who was a national sensation some time ago?"


      Liu Bixin and other students were stunned, obviously not unfamiliar with God Doctor Lin, there were news about him in the news round and round during that time.


      The media even commented that he was the backbone of the country, the hope for the rise of Chinese medicine in China!


      This was a truly world-famous being!




      After Mayweather heard Jin Chengen's words, a sneer surfaced on his face.


      "Want to work with the divine Doctor Lin? I'm afraid you'll never have the chance in your life!"