Today I Give Up Trying 1563



      Everyone was completely dumbfounded, their eyes seemed to glaze over at this moment!


      Washing their hands with the King of Wine!


      This is a waste!


      This guy, is he crazy?


      The crowd finally understood that when Lin Fan said he wasn't going to drink it, he was planning to use it to wash his hands!


      What does it mean to pretend to be a trenchant man?


      This was it!


      As they watched the rare brew draining away, they didn't know if Lin Fan was heartbroken, but their hearts were dripping with blood!


      A fucking million dollars, gone like that?




      Liu Biqin and the others didn't know how to describe their feelings at this moment, they just felt like a million mud horses were running through their hearts.


      He didn't know that Lin Fan was deliberately slapping him in the face!


      However, that was not all!


      Just then, Lin Fan grabbed Bai Yi's hand and said with a smile.


      "Just now, your hand was smeared with salty hands, you need to wash it well too!"


      With that, he grabbed Bai Yi's hand without a word and poured the wine on her hand.


      Bai Yi gave him an angry look, but did not stop him.


      Kim Seung-eun was about to explode with anger, salty hands? Wasn't that calling him a pig?


      This fucking bastard!


      And just then!


      A man just walked in through the door, with a majestic demeanour and a compelling aura, like a kind of king on high.


      His aura was extremely disturbing!


      The whole room was completely frozen!


      In everyone's eyes, there was a touch of shock, thinking that the other party's aura was so strong!


      And the moment Kim Seung-eun's saw his opponent, he instantly walked forward respectfully and said.


      "Mr. Mayweather, you're here!"


      The person who came was none other than Mayweather!


      The moment Lin Fan and Bai Yi saw Mayweather, they were both dumbfounded, not expecting Mayweather to appear here.


      Mayweather, who was still in an overbearing posture, saw Lin Fan, but his expression suddenly changed, and then he planned to come over to say hello.


      However, Lin Fan frowned and gave him a wink, signalling him not to come over.


      "Come, come, Mr Mayweather, have a seat!"


      Jin Chengen greeted Mayweather warmly, but aggressively ordered Lin Fan.


      "That who, there's an honoured guest coming and there's not enough seats! You can stand for a while, you can sit down when the honoured guests have left!"


      This was clearly an attempt to severely humiliate Lin Fan!




      Hearing this, Mayweather was about to explode, asking the Dark Lord to give up his seat for him?


      That's like asking for his life!


      "No, no, I'll just stand for a while! It's okay!"


      Mayweather shook his hand in a panic, at this moment he was about to ask Kim Seung-un's ancestors all over again.


      "How can that be? You're my honoured guest!"


      Jin Cheng'en said with a warm face, but after looking at Lin Fan, he snapped his face and said in an unkind tone.


      "I'm talking to you, didn't you hear me?"


      Lin Fan then laughed and said warningly.


      "Are you sure about this?"


      Jin Chengen smiled disdainfully and said.


      "I'm quite sure, today is my treat, and since you're a guest, you'll have to do as you please!"


      "Otherwise, get the hell out of here!"


      Seeing how disrespectful Jin Cheng'en was to Lin Fan, Mayweather's face instantly turned not so nice.


      "Kim Seung-un, no need! I'm not the type to bully people with power, so you should treat this gentleman well and we'll talk about anything tomorrow!"


      With that, he was going to leave.




      Seeing Mayweather get angry, Kim Seung-eun's attitude got even worse:.


      "Never mind Mr. Mayweather, this is a soft-eating punk, how can he compare to you in terms of status?"


      "I'll get rid of this eyesore right now!"


      After saying that, he was glaring angrily at Lin Fan: "Dog, get lost!


      "Bastard, get lost! If you dare to nag again, I'll have someone break your legs!"