Today I Give Up Trying 1562



      In an instant, the sneers on everyone's faces instantly froze, and the mocking words were shoved back in as if they had been choked.




      Completely dumbfounded!


      Everyone stared at Lin Fan with wide eyes and an expression of having seen a ghost!


      A 90 year old Romanee Conti?


      Romanee Conti, known as the king of wines!


      And a 90 year old Romanee Conti is the king of wines!


      A bottle of it has already gone for over a million dollars, and it's still priced out of the market!


      And this guy, he ordered a bottle of the King of Wines for over a million dollars?


      That's... How is this possible!


      "You guys, are you mistaken, he's just a poor man, how can he afford a bottle of wine that costs over a million?"


      Liu Bixin was simply going crazy, how could this guy be so hoity-toity?






      She felt like she was about to explode with anger!


      And Jin Chengen also felt his face being slapped at this time, he had just sarcastically said that the other party only deserved a few dollars for a bottle of beer, but it turned out that he had directly ordered a bottle of wine king that cost over a million dollars.


      The wine he had ordered was not even enough for a fraction of what the other man had ordered.


      And the man dressed as a manager, frowned at Liu Biqin and said unhappily.


      "As the manager of a five-star hotel, do you think I would make such a low-level mistake?"




      These words caused Liu Bixin and the others to completely freeze!


      No... No mistake!


      It was really Lin Fan?


      Instantly, everyone around them was horrified and cast extremely terrified looks at Lin Fan, the look was as if they had seen a ghost.


      They hadn't seen wrong, had they, this trash was so rich?


      Instead, Lin Fan smiled with an indifferent expression and pointed at his heels.


      "Put it there!"


      "Yes, sir, please enjoy your meal!"


      That manager said respectfully, before slowly bowing his back and retreating out.


      And by now, the entire compartment was dead silent!


      Everyone was looking at Lin Fan with an unbelievable gaze, obviously still not able to recover from the shock they had just experienced.


      "Is it a problem for me to drink this kind of wine?"


      Lin Fan looked at Liu Biqin with interest.


      Liu Bixin's face turned red with anger before she gritted her teeth and said.


      "What are you pretending? Open it and drink it if you have the guts! Who knows if you'll take it back and return it after you're done?"


      This was a reminder to the people present, calling for the wine king was nothing, it was only a bully if you drank the wine down!


      They didn't believe that Lin Fan would really dare to do that!


      At those words!


      Lin Fan also smiled faintly and said calmly.


      "I am indeed not going to drink it!"




      How dare he admit it to himself?


      Everyone first froze, and then all laughed contemptuously.


      Lin Fan couldn't pretend any longer, so he had to admit it, right?


      "Hahahaha, I told you that this kid was poor, I wasn't wrong, was I?"


      Hearing Lin Fan's own admission, Liu Biqin called this an inner relief.




      She even gloated and said.


      "If I hadn't been so clever, I would have almost let this scum fool me!"


      The crowd looked at Bai Yi with disdain and mocked her.


      "Bai Yi, what kind of person did you find, even if you eat soft rice, you are still pretending to be fat?"


      "This kind of trash is not even worthy to be compared to our Young Master Jin's shoes, how dare you refuse him for his sake? What are you thinking?"


      "Tsk, tsk, really, people are shameless, eating soft rice and still wanting to save face, how can there be such a strange person!"


      At this time, everyone was disgusted with Lin Fan to the extreme.


      In their eyes Lin Fan was a complete loser, a scum of the earth!




      Just when they were about to throw another round of insults at Lin Fan, at Lin Fan!


      A change had occurred!




      Lin Fan, directly opened that bottle of Romanee Conti worth over a million dollars!


      Lin Fan had gone so far as to open this million-dollar bottle of wine king?


      Does he know what he's doing?


      This guy, didn't he say he wouldn't drink it?


      Bai Yi was also startled and said, heartbroken


      "Didn't you say you wouldn't drink it?"


      This was a million or so dollars of wine, to drink a bottle of wine for a million or so dollars, Bai Yi was really a bit hard to accept.


      "Yeah, I wasn't planning on drinking it!"


      Lin Fan laughed before making a move that made the whole room's heads turn as he aimed the bottle at his hand before pouring it down violently!


      Surprisingly, he was... washing his hands!