Today I Give Up Trying 1561

 The atmosphere, instantly, felt like it had frozen!


      It was freezing cold and bone piercing!


      Everyone could feel Lin Fan's anger this instant, but none of them cared.


      A punk who eats soft rice, what kind of tough guy is he pretending to be?

      If you really had that much backbone, you wouldn't need to eat soft rice!

      And Liu Bixin was still not afraid of death, her expression contemptuous as she said.

      "It's me, so what? What can you do to me, you punk?"

      And there was a smack!

      However, she received a heavy slap from Lin Fan right on her face, and her entire body immediately slapped on the table.

      Several teeth fell out at once and blood flowed everywhere.


      Everyone was dumbfounded and all looked at Lin Fan with a gaze of utter horror.

      This guy, he was too arrogant, right, he had actually hit someone straight away?

      While Lin Fan ignored the horrified gazes of the crowd, he sneered and said.

      "It's not much, it's just teaching you to behave!"

      "You, how dare you hit me?"

      Liu Biqin covered her face, a strong resentment surfaced in her eyes, that look was as if she wanted to break Lin Fan into pieces.

      "Call the police! I'll call the police now! I want you, this bastard,, to go through jail!"


      "That's enough!"

      Kim Seung-un, however, shouted angrily and said with a grim face.

      "Since Mr. Lin is here too, let's sit down and have a drink together!"

      Now Bai Yi already had a big problem with him, if he caused Lin Fan to go to jail again, then he was afraid that he would never be able to have contact with Bai Yi again.

      Lin Fan sat down with a big grin, as if he was in his own home.

      The others laughed coldly at once: Lin Fan had the nerve to sit down when his rival was treating him.

      He was really a soft-earner!

      Bai Yi had wanted to leave, but seeing Lin Fan like this, she could only reluctantly sit down again.

      From the beginning to the end, Liu Biqin stared at Lin Fan with a resentful gaze, looking as if she wanted to swallow him up in one bite.

      "Waiter, serve a few bottles of Romanee Conti!"

      And then, Jin Chengen was the one who shouted, which was of course to deliberately stimulate Lin Fan and let him know the difference between him and himself.

      And also to let Bai Yi know how well off he was now!

      A meal for himself was hundreds of thousands of dollars!

      And what about Lin Fan?

      I'm only afraid that the pocket money Bai Yi gave him in a year wasn't even this much, right?

      "Wow, Romanee Conti, the cheapest bottle costs 100,000, if it was a 90 year old wine king, it would be over a million dollars!"

      "Seung-eun, you're too rich, aren't you?"

      All the women looked at Kim Seung-eun as if they could not wait to swallow him up in one gulp.

      He was so rich and handsome, but he was also infatuated, where could one find such a perfect man?

      Bai Yi was so blind!

      On the other hand, Kim Seung-eun put on a modest face and said.

      "We're all happy today, let's not talk about money!"

      After the bottles of wine were brought up, Kim Seung-eun filled up a glass for everyone but Lin Fan, who had been deliberately omitted.

      And at this time, Liu Bixin was smiling wickedly and said.

      "Seung-eun, you've forgotten about that little white boy!"

      Only then did Kim Seung-eun give his head an extremely pretentious slap and pretended to be embarrassed, saying.

      "I'm really sorry, I didn't notice!"

      "But I guess Mr. Lin isn't used to drinking this kind of sour stuff either, right? How about I ask someone to serve you a few bottles of beer?"

      The implication was that Lin Fan was not qualified to drink such good wine and only deserved to drink a few dollars a bottle of beer.

      He was deliberately trying to provoke Lin Fan, preferably to make him lash out and completely lose face in front of people.

      The most important thing was to lose face in front of Bai Yi.


      Bai Yi was instantly furious and was about to snap.

      But Lin Fan pulled her back, while smiling and saying.

      "I indeed can't look at such rubbish wine!"


      Hearing these words, everyone froze, each dumbfounded, wondering if they were hallucinating.

      A $100,000 bottle of wine was rubbish in Lin Fan's eyes?

      What the hell is this big mouth?

      If a $100,000 bottle of wine was considered rubbish, then how much would be considered good?

      Right then, everyone looked at Lin Fan with contempt, obviously thinking that this guy was pretending to be a pussy.

      After all, seeing his love interest being so good, it was only normal that Lin Fan would be a little upset in his heart.

      "Yo, calling you fat and you're still panting, a 100,000 yuan bottle of wine is too bad for you? Then dare I ask how much money you are drinking?"

      Liu Biqin coldly snorted, that look towards Lin Fan was filled with hatred, clearly not willing to let go of any opportunity to humiliate Lin Fan.

      This bastard dared to hit her, her parents had never spared her from beating her since she was a child.

      "Hahahaha! Lin Fan, be a human being! It doesn't matter if you're not capable, but be realistic and don't beat up your face or you'll just become a laughing stock!"

      Jin Cheng'en sneered and shook his head, apparently all thinking that Lin Fan was pretending too.

      "What kind of wine I drink, you'll soon find out!"

      Lin Fan sneered!

      And just then, the door was suddenly pushed open and a group of waiters walked in holding a bottle of red wine!

      And respectfully, they walked up to Lin Fan.

      "Mr. Lin, your 90 year old Romanee Conti is here!"