Today I Give Up Trying 1560

 Kim Seung-eun's expression froze, and then his face went completely gloomy.


      "That punk, is he really that good?"


      He himself had actually let a soft-earner get the better of him?


      Bai Yi was blind!


      He had become chairman of the board in his early thirties, and his company's combined annual profits could reach one billion!


      He's a man among men!


      But Bai Yi, how dare he think that a soft-earner is better than him?


      This is an insult to him!




      However, what he got in reply was a heavy slap.


      Kim Seung-eun received a slap on his cheek and his expression was completely dumbfounded, as if he couldn't believe that Bai Yi would actually hit him.


      And at that moment, Bai Yi's pretty face was frosty and her eyes were flooded with fury.


      "Did I warn you not to insult my husband?"


      The expression was even more shocked, Bai Yi had actually hit him for that trash?


      "Bitch, you dare to hit Chengen, I think you are looking for death!"


      Liu Biqin then thundered and came forward with the intention of giving Bai Yi a slap.


      How could she turn a blind eye to her own god being beaten up in front of her?




      Bai Yi fiercely looked at Liu Biqin, and there was a bone chilling coldness in her eyes.


      I don't know why!


      With such a cold stare, Liu Beiqin could not find the courage to swing her hand down.


      It was as if she would be in big trouble if she dared to hit her!


      When she saw this, Bai Yi laughed coldly and said in a condescending manner.


      "If you dare to touch a hair on my head, my husband will make you die a horrible death, do you believe me?"




      Bai Yi knew that she no longer had to be afraid!


      Her husband was her greatest support!


      The room was silent!


      Everyone was shocked by Bai Yi's powerful aura, and they were all dumbfounded for a moment.


      At this moment, everyone felt that Bai Yi was not to be messed with at this moment.




      In the next instant, Bai Yi sneered, and then directly turned around and left.


      "Bai Yi, don't go!"


      Jin Chengen hurriedly grabbed Bai Yi's hand and pleaded.


      "Since you don't like it, I won't be rude anymore, let's sit down and talk about cooperation, can we?"


      Bai Yi had stopped believing the other party's bullshit and was trying to refuse at this time.




      Liu Biqin, however, was the first to say jealously.


      "Chengen, what are you keeping her for? Since this woman thinks it's good to be with a loser, then let her go!"


      "Maybe she just likes to keep little white guys?"


      At this time, Liu Biqin also reacted with a strong look of contempt on her face.


      "And your husband wants me to die, just a soft-earner, how capable can she be? You're fooling the devil!"


      And at that moment!


      Bai Yi directly shook off Jin Chengen's hand and said coldly.


      "Please show some respect!"


      But Kim Seung-eun would not give up so easily, and a touch of resentment surfaced under his eyes.


      "Bai Yi, if you leave like this, then those people of my country, it will be a complete ruin!"


      He started playing the emotion card again.


      But Bai Yi wanted to refuse.




      Just then, a playful voice rang out.


      "Yes, the show has just begun, how can we leave at this time?"


      And then, a man appeared in the middle of the room!


      All of a sudden, the whole room was dead silent as everyone looked at each other with astonished and puzzled eyes.


      "Lin Fan!"


      Bai Yi had not expected that Lin Fan would appear here.


      Immediately, her expression panicked a little, she was afraid that Lin Fan would think that he had betrayed him and quietly come to make a concession with Jin Chengen.


      And the moment she saw Lin Fan, Liu Bixin also immediately reacted to who this was, and then her expression was sinister as she said.


      "Kid, you're Bai Yi's waste of a husband, right? You don't even know that your wife is out stealing behind your back, how pathetic!"


      As soon as he heard those words!


      Bai Yi's expression changed completely wildly and hissed angrily.


      "Liu Biqin, don't spit blood!"


      And then, she was looking at Lin Fan in horror, shaking her head repeatedly.


      "Lin Fan, I didn't! I really didn't! You have to believe me!"


      That nervous look was as if she was afraid that Lin Fan would misunderstand and not want her.


      Lin Fan smiled and gently stroked her hair, saying.


      "Fool, I heard your conversation just now, you were very domineering just now!"


      Bai Yi instantly blushed and said with some embarrassment.


      "Did I get a little too carried away?"


      "How could it be? As my woman, you should be so domineering!"


      Lin Fan laughed, before looking at Liu Biqin.


      "Just now, were you the one who insulted my wife?"