Today I Give Up Trying 1559

 "Bai Yi, have a seat!"


      Kim Seung-eun pulled out the chair for her in an extremely gentlemanly manner, but in his heart, he was very proud of himself, this time Bai Yi should know what would happen if he followed a loser, right?


      However, Bai Yi did not react at all, and even wanted to laugh a little.


      This Liu Bichun and Kim Seung-eun were singing in unison, so they must have discussed this long ago, right?


      She had seen a lot of people over the past year, so how could she not understand this little trick?


      In her heart, she became more and more despised and disappointed with Kim Seung-eun!


      So this was the true face of this man!


      He abandoned her back then, and now he wants to come back and destroy her family.


      "Let's get down to business!"


      Bai Yi said with a cold face, not wanting to continue wasting time here.


      If it wasn't for the desire to save people, she would have left by now.


      "There's no rush! Bai Yi, I've given you a gift on purpose!"


      With that, Kim Seung-eun clapped his palm, and then a group of waiters came through the door pushing a large cake, and at the top of that cake was a ring box.


      What Kim Seung-eun wanted was already self-evident.




      Instead of being touched, Bai Yi's face was filled with contempt.


      She had been tricked!


      Kim Seung-eun hadn't called her here to talk business at all. Rather, he wanted to reconnect with her.


      At this time, Kim Seung-eun opened the ring box and knelt down in front of Bai Yi, saying with deep emotion.


      "Bai Yi, the reason why I wanted to leave in the first place was because I had no choice, my current wife and I have no feelings at all and have been living apart for many years!"


      "Let's get back together, I don't mind if you've been married!"




      The crowd was stunned!


      Kim Seung-eun was actually planning to pursue Bai Yi again?


      Yet, that wasn't all!


      Everyone stared at that ring in Kim Seung-eun's hand, and then it was an exaggerated gasp in unison.


      "Oh my! Such a big diamond ring, it must cost at least a few million, right?"


      "What millions? This is an eternal love ring from Christie's, it's worth 10 million!"


      The room was in shock!


      Everyone looked at the pigeon egg sized diamond ring with astonishment.


      Especially the women!


      After seeing such a large diamond ring, they were all about to go crazy, their eyes glowing green.


      If a man had come to them with such a big diamond ring to propose, they would definitely marry each other without hesitation.


      And seeing the crowd's reaction, Kim Seung-eun was confident that Bai Yi would like it.


      But it was just a pity that this time, he was disappointed!


      Bai Yi faintly glanced at that diamond ring, but with an indifferent expression, he said.


      "So I'm only worth 10 million in your eyes, am I?"


      What Lin Fan had given her was a jewel worth ten billion dollars!


      And Lin Fan didn't even blink an eye.


      Bai Yi's words instantly made Jin Chengen's expression stiffen, not even for this ten million dollar diamond ring?


      "The diamond ring is beautiful, but the one my husband gave me is even more beautiful and expensive!"


      With that, Bai Yi was getting up and preparing to leave:.


      "Since you have nothing to talk to me about, then I'll take my leave!"


      This made Kim Seung-eun panic. He couldn't impress Baek even though he had thrown so much money at her?


      The people in the audience were also confused, a $10 million diamond ring and Bai Yi didn't even look at it?


      Is this crazy?


      "Bai Yi, what are you pretending to be? Who doesn't know that your husband is a poor man, living on soft rice, and he can give you jewellery that is more expensive than this?"


      Liu Bixin jumped out to insult again, with a strong look of disdain on her face.


      And the crowd all laughed.


      Because what Bai Yi said was so comical, they all wondered if Bai Yi was dreaming.


      What kind of virtue did her own husband have, didn't she know in her heart?


      And Bai Yi just laughed contemptuously, not even bothering to explain, her husband was a Grand Master, what was giving her ten billion dollars of jewellery?


      How could these mere ants know how extraordinary her husband was?


      At this time, she didn't even bother to explain to them, and directly took a step forward, intending to leave.


      "Bai Yi, are you really not willing to give me another chance? I really want to make it up to you properly!"


      Kim Seung-eun hurriedly chased after her, looking at Bai Yi with deep affection.


      "I'll do whatever you want, I just want you to give me another chance to take care of you for the rest of my life!"




      Bai Yi turned back to me, and a bone-chilling coldness appeared on her face.


      "Thank you, but no need!"


      "Because I'm already taken care of!"