Today I Give Up Trying 1558

 When she arrived at the place!


      Bai Yi was stunned as she saw with a start that the private room that Kim Seung-eun had booked was already full of people.


      And these people were her university classmates!


      "Young master Jin, you're here? I'm waiting for you to pay the bill, eh? Bai Yi, you're here too?"


      A group of classmates then greeted her, and one of them said playfully.


      "You two golden girls, you're together again?"


      Bai Yi was about to retort, but Kim Seung-eun laughed and said.


      "What, it's not allowed?"


      "Of course you can, you two have been a perfect couple since you were in college, so you should tie the knot, when are you going to invite us for a wedding drink?"


      Bai Yi frowned at once, displeased with Kim Seung-eun for talking nonsense without her permission.


      "What golden boy and girl, her Baek Yi has already found a white boy long ago!"


      At this time, a mean voice said, and a woman walked out with a sneer on the corner of her mouth.


      Liu Bixin, who was also Bai Yi's classmate in college and was also a suitor of Kim Seung-eun, but later Kim Seung-eun chose Bai Yi.


      Therefore it was conceivable that she was not too friendly towards Bai Yi, so she started to reveal her shortcomings at this meeting.


      "Bai Yi, your husband is not Kim Seung Eun?"


      Everyone looked at Bai Yi in surprise, after all, the two were such a good match back in college.


      It was the envy of everyone and they all thought Bai Yi and Kim Seung Eun would go all the way.


      Liu Bixin suddenly laughed coldly and said.


      "She's not that lucky, I heard that her husband is a soft-boiled white boy who does nothing at home to be a lord!"


      "Because of this, the Bai family even swept Bai Yi out of the house. I have to say that Bai Yi, you really have a unique vision, letting go of a rich and handsome man like Kim Seung Eun and marrying a white boy?"


      The crowd also had strange expressions as they stared at Bai Yi, Bai Yi had found a white boy?


      The family had swept her away?


      Is this a brain fart?


      At that moment, all the students looked at her with a strong look of contempt and strangeness.


      At this moment, Jin Chengen scolded her in a pretentious manner.


      "Liu Bichun, if you keep talking nonsense, get out of my house! I was the one who left in the first place, it has nothing to do with Bai Yi!"


      That was the first thing I said!


      The crowd was instantly unanimous!


      "After all these years, Seung-eun is still such a gentleman!"


      "The student council president is different, his mannerisms are becoming more and more different."


      "That's not true, I heard that he has more than ten companies under his name now, and he is now the chairman at a young age!"


      "Oh, I think some people are going to regret it!"


      The crowd curried favour with Kim Seung-un, but did not forget to step on Bai Yi fiercely.


      However, it was Liu Biqin who was the most vicious!


      "Bai Yi, you've got a family, why are you still out meeting your old flame? You're not cheating on your wife, are you?"


      Liu Beiqin sneered and said.


      "What, the one at home can't feed you enough, so you want to come outside to steal food?"




      Bai Yi's face turned green with anger at these words, and a flash of anger suddenly appeared in her eyes.


      When the students heard this, they looked at Bai Yi with more and more contempt.


      She was really shameless to be married and still out to have sex.


      "Liu Bixin, are you deliberately giving me a hard time?"


      Kim Seung-eun immediately looked at Yoo Bik-qin angrily, his eyes covered with anger.


      Seeing his anger, all the people present at once did not dare to speak indiscriminately, after all, the current Kim Seung-eun was the most powerful and influential among them.


      At his words!


      Liu Bichun's face was suddenly hard to see, and her heart was burning with jealousy.