Today I Give Up Trying 1557

 The atmosphere was completely silent at this moment!


      Bai Yi burst into a thunderstorm and angrily rebuked


      "Kim Seung-eun, keep your mouth shut! Or else, I'll ask you to leave!"


      Even if Lin Fan was already a worthless family cook, he was still her husband, Bai Yi.


      She had always seen what Lin Fan had done for her over the years, and it was many times better than Jin Cheng'en, who only talked fancy but betrayed her.


      Not to mention, Lin Fan was the titular Lin Zong Shi!


      For her to be married to a man like Lin Fan was a great privilege!


      Who was Jin Cheng'en to insult him?


      Instead, Jin Cheng'en smiled bitterly and said.


      "Bai Yi, I just think you can have a better life!"


      This guy, as he had done back then, always put on an affectionate and extremely gentle face, as if he only had eyes for Bai Yi.


      But Bai Yi had already seen his true colours, so how could he be easily fooled?


      "I'm doing fine now, don't worry about it!"


      Bai Yi said with a cold face, before pulling Lin Fan and heading inside the new Bai.


      See this!


      Jin Cheng'en's face instantly turned gloomy, and then a cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth as he said.


      "Bai Yi, I won't give up! You are mine! Your new Bai's, too, is mine!"




      At this time, inside Bai Yi's office, she finally collapsed helplessly on the sofa, her body trembling over it.


      It would be a lie to say that she didn't feel anything at all, after all, that was her first love.


      It was the man she had loved!


      Although nothing had ever happened between them, Bai Yi at that time considered him to be her soul mate.


      And at this time, Lin Fan was silent.


      As Bai Yi's husband, he now trusted Bai Yi unconditionally and would not feel afraid or uncomfortable because of the presence of an ex-boyfriend.


      That would be a sign of lack of confidence!


      Because Lin Fan always felt that a lover who could be snatched away was not a lover!


      It was only after a long time that Bai Yi finally came back to her senses, and then was a little nervous as she said to Lin Fan.


      "I'm sorry ...."




      Lin Fan, however, just smiled.


      "Why are you saying sorry?"


      Once she heard this, Bai Yi was completely frozen, and a strong feeling of emotion surfaced in her heart as she assured him.


      "Don't worry, I will definitely handle this sinful relationship properly and won't let you down."




      Lin Fan smiled before nodding his head.


      "Then, you go ahead and get busy, I'll go outside for a spin!"


      And then, Lin Fan walked out of the office, but the moment he walked out of the office, he dialed a phone number.


      "Look up someone for me!"




      It was the time when the New Bai was in full swing, so it was too much of a coincidence that Jin Chengen came back at this time, right?


      He had said that he didn't know that the owner of the new Bai was Bai Yi, but Lin Fan didn't believe such nonsense!


      After work, Bai Yi packed up his things and prepared to go home.


      But only when he reached the car park did he see Kim Seung-eun pop up again, his handsome face still wearing a subdued smile.


      "Bai Yi, I want to have a good chat with you!"


      "But I have nothing to talk about with you!"


      Bai Yi didn't even look at him, and walked past him to leave.


      A hidden look of hatred passed through Jin Chengen's eyes, and then he shouted at Bai Yi's back.


      "Bai Yi, give me a chance, this is a matter of life and death, my country is now being persecuted by a new virus and urgently needs your vaccine to save lives!"


      "Every day we delay now is another day of death! Baiy, save them!"




      Bai Yi's footsteps, finally, stopped and looked back at Kim Seung-un:.


      "You're telling the truth?"


      Sure enough!


      A sinister look appeared in Kim Seung-eun's eyes, kindness had always been Bai Yi's nature, and he knew that if he said that Bai Yi wouldn't sit back and do nothing.


      "Of course it's true! The reason I came back to my country this time is to reach a partnership with the New Bai so that the people of my country can use this new vaccine as soon as possible."


      Kim Seung-un laughed bitterly and said.


      "Bai Yi, I know you don't want to care about me, but look at the Buddha's face without looking at the monk's face and save them!"


      Bai Yi then sighed and said.


      "Let's find a place to talk later!"