Today I Give Up Trying 1556

The next day!


      Lin Fanbai and Bai Yi both went to work contentedly, but when they reached the door, they were jolted to see a man standing in front of a Ferrari, holding a bouquet of roses in his hand.


      The women on the road all cast swooning glances at him.


      The man in front of them looked like an opa in a Korean drama, handsome, handsome and rich, a perfect god in every woman's eyes.


      The moment Bai Yi saw him, on the other hand, his face was completely gloomy.


      This expression made Lin Fan feel incredible!


      It was hard to believe that his wife also liked handsome men?


      But Bai Yi, didn't seem like such a superficial person!


      "Bai Yi, what's wrong?"


      Lin Fan said curiously to Wen Lan.


      But Bai Yi acted as if he hadn't heard him, striding towards the other party and saying in an unkind tone.


      "Jin Chengen, what are you doing here?"


      When the man saw Bai Yi, a gentle smile appeared in his eyes.


      "Bai Yi, it's really you! I heard that the president of the new Bai Clan is called Bai Yi, so I came here to take a look, and it's really you!"


      And then, he handed over the rose in his hand.


      "It's for you!"


      Bai Yi did not take it, but looked at him coldly.


      "If there's nothing to do, please leave!"




      The crowd was stunned, in the face of such a rich and handsome man's pursuit, this woman had rejected it outright and unkindly?


      Is this insane?


      They couldn't even beg for it.


      However, Kim Seung-eun, who heard this, also laughed bitterly and said.


      "Bai Yi, it's been so long since we've seen each other, why do you have to be so cold to me?"


      That look was affectionate and innocent, as if he had been abandoned by Bai Yi.


      "Why, do you still have the face to ask me?"


      Bai Yi instantly looked as if she had been stimulated, her eyes were red and she actually cried out.


      Originally, she and Kim Seung-eun had a thing!


      The two of them had agreed to officially get married after graduating from university, but it turned out that before graduating, Kim Seung-eun had left China and had not been heard from since.


      Bai Yi searched for him for over a year, but it was as if Kim Seung-eun had evaporated. Later she heard that Kim Seung-eun had married the daughter of a wealthy foreigner and had followed her to settle outdoors.


      At that time, Bai Yi understood everything!


      She had been abandoned!


      Later on, Bai Yi picked herself up, gradually forgot about this first love, and met and married Lin Fan later on.


      And now, Bai Yi just couldn't understand why this scum, who had once abandoned her, still had the face to appear in front of her.


      "Bai Yi, I know that leaving at the beginning has caused you a lot of harm, but believe me, I have a bitter heart!"


      Kim Seung-eun took a step forward with deep emotion, before reaching out his hand to grab Bai Yi's.


      Bai Yi took a step back warily.


      At the same time, Lin Fan behind him followed suit and stepped forward, blocking in front of Bai Yi and looking coldly at Jin Cheng'en.


      Now, he could kind of understand what was going on.


      This was his wife's ex-boyfriend.


      "You are?"


      Looking at Lin Fan, Jin Cheng'en frowned, and a touch of contempt then surfaced in his eyes.


      Where did this stinking beggar come from?


      "My husband!"


      Bai Yi said coldly, while warningly saying.


      "Kim Seung-eun, I'm already married, please don't bother me in the future."


      For all those years, she had managed to forget about this scum and had a new life, and now she no longer wanted to have any more dealings with Kim Seung-eun.


      "Your husband?"


      The contempt on Kim Seung-eun's face intensified as he said.


      "Leaving me, are you broken? How dare you find this thing, a beggar?"