Today I Give Up Trying 1555

 And at that moment!


      Within the Lin family!


      Lin Fan was kneeling on a rubbing board, crying and laughing.


      And in front of him, Bai Yi crossed his legs and stared at him intently, his eyes like he was interrogating a prisoner.


      Now that things were settled, it was time to settle scores after the autumn.


      "Bai Yi, are you out of your mind? What has Little Fan done that you would do this to him?"


      "He's a big old man who doesn't want to save face?"


      Shen Yumei said furiously, counting off at Bai Yi one after another.


      Bai Yi rolled her eyes, already used to her own mother's eccentricity, and coldly snorted.


      "Why don't you ask him yourself?"




      The Bai Shan couple immediately froze, before casting a puzzled look at Lin Fan.


      "Little Fan, what exactly did you do to make Bai Yi so angry?"


      Bai Shan also said with concern, it didn't seem like Bai Yi had ever been this angry from memory, right?


      Lin Fan scratched his head with an embarrassed expression.


      "It's... It's a long story!"




      Bai Yi was so outright furious that she slammed the table and roared like a tigress.




      Lin Fan was helpless and had no choice but to sigh and say.


      "Actually, I'm Patriarch Lin!"




      The two old men were directly paralyzed with shock, looking at Lin Fan in disbelief with an expression of having seen a ghost alive.


      "Little Fan, you... Are you joking?"


      That Patriarch Lin, they had heard of him for a long time before, and the last time he was on top of the ring, he had made a great show of himself and was applauded by millions of people!


      At that time, Bai Yi had suspected that Lin Fan was Patriarch Lin, but it was quickly dismissed and they didn't think much of it.


      Now it seemed that Lin Fan was actually lying to them?


      Good heavens!


      Lin Fan was Patriarch Lin, they weren't dreaming, were they?


      An illusion!


      This must be an illusion!


      Even an existence like the Dragon's Teeth had asked him to be an instructor, a Grand Master who was so high above the rest that he was an immortal.


      It was no exaggeration to say that in front of such an existence, mortals like them were nothing more than ants.


      But now!


      Bai Yi had actually told them that their son-in-law at home, Lin Fan, was actually that powerful Patriarch Lin?


      This kind of shock was even more shocking and exaggerated than saying that Lin Fan was the richest man in the province, causing these two old men to be directly dumbfounded for an instant.


      It was simply unacceptable!


      Lin Fan embarrassedly said.


      "Mom and Dad, I'm sorry for hiding this from you for so long!"




      The two old men were once again shocked, and the two of them turned pale, not even daring to look at Lin Fan with straight eyes at this time.


      All this time, they had treated Lin Fan as a waste!


      Shen Yumei in particular had insulted Lin Fan more than once before, not treating him like a human being at all.


      It turned out that the wasteful son-in-law in their eyes had become a divine figure that they needed to look up to?


      This was like a dream to them!


      Bai Yi also snorted coldly and said angrily.


      "It's not them you're sorry for, it's me you're most sorry for!"


      "Three years, three whole years! You bastard, you lied to me for three whole years!"


      "You're so good, yet you pretend to be a loser, making others look down on you and causing me to be looked down upon along with you! I hate you so much!"


      The more Bai Yi said, the angrier he became, he simply got up and fatally beat Lin Fan.


      Lin Fan laughed out loud, before backhanding her and picking her up, holding her up in a princess hug position, the action suddenly becoming somewhat ambiguous.


      "Rascal, put me down!"


      Bai Yi's pretty face instantly flushed red as she scolded viciously.


      This guy didn't have any guilt at all, how dare he resist when he hit him himself, how infuriating!


      "No let go!"


      Lin Fan said playfully, while smiling wickedly.


      "I think you said you were planning to have a baby earlier, I think tonight is the right time!"


      With that, he was carrying Bai Yi without a word and heading towards their room.


      "I haven't even showered yet, you... You're shameless!"


      Bai Yi scolded with a red face and hit Lin Fan's chest fiercely.


      This mum and dad were still here, and yet Lin Fan was talking so explicitly, he didn't mind being ashamed.




      Bai Shan and Shen Yumei were both already scared silly and didn't even hear what they were saying clearly.


      Only after a long time did Bai Shan look at Shen Yumei with an expression tinged with dismay.


      "Yumei, you slapped me!"


      Shen Yumei was also terrified and stammered.


      "Hit... Why are you being slapped?"


      "I wanted to see if I was dreaming."




      However, Shen Yumei then gave Bai Shan a slap, which accidentally broke his back teeth.


      However, Bai Shan didn't care at all, instead he said with a rapturous expression on his face.


      "Ouch! This is not a dream, it's real!"


      "My son-in-law, Bai Shan, is a f*cking Grand Master! Hahahaha!"