Today I Give Up Trying 1554

 Bai Yi gave Lu Danqing a faint look! Simply spitting out three words.


      "The New Bai!"




      The moment he heard those words, Lu Danqing felt his two eyes go black and his brain directly exploded.




      And then, he fell to the ground in fear as if he had lost his soul, his face swiftly losing its blood colour.


      The New White, it really was the New White!


      "Danqing, is that New White Clan very powerful?"


      When Zhu Yuping saw Lu Danqing like this, she also realised that something was wrong.


      At this time, she looked at her son uneasily.


      "Powerful? The New Bai's is the most prestigious newcomer in the global pharmaceutical industry today!"


      Lu Danqing's face was flooded with thick bitterness.


      "Now all the world's well-known companies are all rushing to China, wanting to enter into a business partnership with them."


      "A large part of the reason I returned to China this time is also because of this new Bai Clan."


      "It's because my boss has said that I should obtain the distributorship of New White's new pneumonia vaccine at all costs."


      "If he knew that the head office had lost the competition for the agency status because of me, then I would be completely finished!"


      At the end of the sentence, Lu Danqing even cried out in a very unimpressive manner, because it was about his future ah.




      Zhu Yuqing was instantly struck by electricity and was scared silly by this time.


      How could Bai Yi be so capable?


      Thinking that she had dared to show off in front of Bai Yi, she could hardly wait to find a hole in the ground now.


      It was so humiliating!


      Her son was very good, but Bai Yi was now the president of a globally renowned pharmaceutical company!


      A single word could determine Bai Yi's life or death!


      At that moment!


      Lu Danqing then knelt down in front of Bai Yi in tears, and begged bitterly.


      "I'm sorry Bai Yi, it's because I'm a rat, I'm not even worthy to carry your shoes."


      "Please spare me this time, don't disqualify our company from the competition, or my life will be ruined!"


      See that!


      Bai Yi frowned, and there was a bit more contempt in his eyes.


      There was gold under a man's knees, but Lu Danqing had no honor to kneel down and cry like a little girl just for this matter, what a disgrace.


      She was now more and more glad that she had not chosen Lu Danqing in the first place.


      "Mom, what are you still standing there for? Why don't you kneel down quickly?"


      Lu Danqing shouted angrily at Zhu Yuqing as if she was mad.




      Zhu Yuqing's expression was awkward and hesitant.


      She had just humiliated Bai Yi's family like that, how could she possibly kneel down?


      Wouldn't that be too humiliating?


      "Mum! Do you want to see me die?"


      Lu Danqing roared up in anger, already completely mad.




      Zhu Yuqing then knelt down towards Bai Yi and her family, reluctantly saying.


      "I'm sorry!"


      Bai Yi said indifferently.


      "I will not disqualify you from the competition because of what you have done, and if you are really strong, then the New Bai will also work with you."


      "Now, please leave!"


      At those words!


      Lu Danqing could be said to have regretted his intestines.


      If they hadn't acted so excessively at the beginning, how would they have ended up in such a situation?


      After all, their relationship had been so cordial before, and if they had relied on their past relationship, wouldn't it have been a matter of minutes for Bai Yi, the new Bai, to give them an agency status?


      But now, he could only roll away in disgrace!


      "Still not leaving, waiting for me to treat you to tea?"


      Lin Fan said coldly.


      This made Zhu Yuqing's mother and son feel annoyed, it was Bai Yi they were toasting, what business is it of yours?


      How dare you pretend to be a tiger, even for a punk?


      But they didn't dare to get angry at this time, so they hurriedly got up and left.




      Just as they got into the car, Zhu Yuqing muttered with a look of envy and jealousy.


      "This Bai Yi, I don't know what kind of luck she's got, to have such a big company!"


      "Mom, I'm going to pursue Bai Yi again!"


      Lu Danqing, who was on the side, said with a fiery gaze.




      Zhu Yuqing's expression instantly changed as she looked at her son in disbelief


      "Are you crazy? She's already married!"




      Lu Danqing laughed disdainfully.


      "It's not like you can't get a divorce if you're married, as long as you swing your hoe well, there's no wall you can't dig down!"


      "Do you think Lin Fan, that punk, can compete with me?"


      "Mom, I've thought about it, Bai Yi owns such a big company now, as long as I can woo her, then isn't it all mine? I'd have enough to save twenty years of struggle!"


      "But that bitch is married, she's a broken shoe!"


      Zhu Yuqing said worriedly.


      Lu Danqing then laughed and said playfully.


      "I only said I'd marry her, who said I'd spend the rest of my life with her, after I get my hands on the new Bai, then I'll just dump her, won't I?"


      At those words!


      Zhu Yuqing also had a sinister smile on his face:.


      "Yes, yes, yes, dare to stink in front of us, let them dump their family!"