Today I Give Up Trying 1553

 Not to mention him, even Zhu Yuqing at the side was dumbfounded. Although she was abroad, she often watched the financial news.


      And these people in front of her, she had seen them all on the financial news, and she had seen them more than once.


      Oh my God!


      Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would one day be able to meet a real person!


      At this moment!


      Once Zheng Honglian and the others saw the mother and son, they too revealed a kind smile.


      At that moment!


      They treated them as guests of Lin Fan's family, which was why they were so polite.


      The mother and son were instantly flattered and could not believe that these bigwigs were so polite to them.


      In their eyes, the mother and son were just humble ants, not even qualified to make the other party look up to them.


      And that was when!


      "You guys are here?"


      Lin Fan then walked out, his expression indifferent as he asked Zheng Honglian and the others.




      Zhu Yuqing, mother and son, were instantly shocked, and then angrily reprimanded Lin Fan, saying.


      "Punk, shut up! You don't even look at your own status, are you qualified to speak to a few bosses?"


      "Lin Fan, will you show some face? You act as if you know them well, just a punk like you is qualified to know a few of them?"


      A loser?


      This name instantly caused Zheng Honglian and the others' expressions to change.


      In an instant, they understood that this mother and son pair in front of them were not Lin Fan's guests at all, but enemies!


      The corner of Lin Fan's mouth tilted up and he smiled playfully.


      "Maybe I do know them?"






      Lu Danqing, mother and son, directly burst into wild laughter, shaking their heads one after another.


      "Lin Fan, Lin Fan, calling you fat and you're still panting, what are you? I don't think people will even give you a glance, right?"


      "Lin Fan, I advise you to keep your mouth shut, if you anger these masters, watch out for your death!"




      Hearing the words of this mother and son, Zheng Honglian and the others' faces became completely gloomy.


      And Ye Shihao even roared in anger.


      "Bastard! Shut up!"




      Seeing Ye Shihao's anger, Zhu Yuqing burst out laughing.


      "Lin Fan, look what I said, Boss Ye is already furious, you can wait to die!"






      The next thing that happened to Zhu Yuqing's face was a heavy slap on the face.


      Ye Shihao, who had struck the man, had a fierce face and roared in anger, saying.


      "I'm telling you to shut the fuck up!"


      Zhu Yuqing was slapped to the ground and his cheek instantly puffed up, while looking at Ye Shihao with an incredulous look.


      "Boss Ye, what are you doing, I've never offended you before."




      Ye Shihao, however, sneered.


      "It's true that it's not me you've offended, but the person you've offended is a hundred times more terrifying than me!"




      What does this still mean?


      Both Zhu Yuqing, mother and son, were dumbfounded, feeling bewildered, what was this Boss Ye talking about?


      However, a frightening scene happened!


      Ye Shihao and the other bigwigs, all walked towards Lin Fan, before bowing to him in unison and respectfully saying.


      "Mr. Lin!"




      The atmosphere completely froze at this moment!


      Lin... Mr. Lin?


      Upon hearing this title, Zhu Yuqing's mother and son's entire bodies were dumbfounded, hardly believing their ears.


      A group of bigwigs, all bowing to Lin Fan and jointly addressing him with respect as Mr. Lin?


      These were all the top powerful people in Jiangnan!


      Which of them were not worth over a hundred billion dollars?


      Now they were so respectful in front of Lin Fan, a useless son-in-law, and addressed him as Mr. Lin?


      Was this a joke?


      They felt like they were about to be paralyzed with fear, after all, they had just insulted Lin Fan so much and reduced him to nothing.


      And now, the most powerful people in the whole of Jiangnan were all visiting him at home?


      They were dumbfounded!


      What the hell, did they really come to see Lin Fan?


      Lin Fan, on the other hand, looked as normal and changed the subject, saying.


      "You guys are here to find Bai Yi, right?"


      How could Ye Shirong and the others not know the meaning of Lin Fan's words?


      Immediately, they all nodded and said.


      "Yes, we have a few documents that urgently need President Bai's signature."


      Bai Yi?


      The president?


      Zhu Yuqing's mother and son were even more confused, since when did she become the president, Bai Yi?


      And at that moment!


      Bai Yi was the one who walked out and asked in a puzzled manner.


      "What documents are so urgent, can't they wait until tomorrow when they arrive at the group?"


      The tone of voice was exactly that of a superior reprimanding a subordinate!




      Zhu Yuqing and Lu Danqing suddenly felt their scalps explode, Bai Yi was facing the group of bigwigs in front of them with such an attitude?


      They were dreaming, right?


      How could Bai Yi have become so good?


      To be able to command the whole of Jiangnan?


      And then Ye Shihao said.


      "There are documents regarding the export of the new pneumonia vaccine, and they urgently need your signature. The head of the city and the others are still waiting for the contract at the company, so we rushed over."




      Even more confused!


      The head of the city, personally coming to Bai Yi's company to get the documents?


      If this hadn't come from a few bigwigs, Zhu Yuqing and Lu Danqing simply doubted if the other party was crazy.


      By this time, Lu Danqing was completely stunned!


      The new pneumonia vaccine?


      The new pneumonia vaccine?


      At that moment, he looked at Bai Yi in horror.


      "What's the name of your company?"