Today I Give Up Trying 1552

 "If you don't say it, then don't say it, who cares to talk about your family's little shit like that."


      Zhu Yuqing and disdainfully cut out, before directly pulling Lu Danqing up.


      "Danqing, let's go! This shitty sofa is really uncomfortable for me to sit on, it's far worse than that 200,000 yuan leather sofa you bought."


      And just then!


      Lin Fan came back, only to smell the strong smell of gunpowder when he entered the door, and immediately he froze.


      "What's going on here?"


      "Lin Fan!"


      Bai Yi instantly stood up in surprise, and then darted towards Lin Fan.


      "Are you alright, did everything work out?"


      This move instantly caused a thick jealousy to surface in the heart of Lu Danqing, who had rejected Bai Yi at first because he would have found a man who was better than him.


      What happened?


      It was such a poor man?


      What a blind bitch!


      At that moment, he walked up to her and then said in a provocative manner.


      "You're Bai Yi's loser husband?"




      Bai Yi's family's anger was completely ignited, and Bai Yi even angrily chided, "Lu Danqing, please!


      "Lu Danqing, please get out! You are not welcome in our home!"


      Instead, Lin Fan pulled her back and looked at Lu Danqing with a smile.


      "I'm Bai Yi's husband, but I'm not a loser!"




      Lu Danqing, who heard these words, but laughed out loud.


      "A little white boy who relies on women to support him is still not a waste? Brother, if I were you, I'd just run my head over and die!"


      On the other hand, Zhu Yuqing also swept a contemptuous glance at Lin Fan: "That's right.


      "That's right, as a man with hands and feet who actually eats soft rice, what does such an unmotivated waste want to come here for?"


      "Bai Yi, are you blind? You don't want my son who is so outstanding, but you even look at such a waste of a man?"




      These words completely enraged Bai Yi!


      She immediately pointed at the door and shouted angrily at Zhu Yuqing


      "Get out! Immediately! Immediately!"


      Repeatedly scorning her family, and now even insulting her husband?


      Who are they to be so self-righteous?


      "Oh, we don't even care to stay in this shitty place of yours, taking a waste of a little white boy as a treasure, what a laugh!"




      Zhu Yuqing then sneered and pulled Lu Danqing's hand and prepared to leave, but before she left, her mouth was still unclean as she said.


      "A bunch of poor bastards, they're still putting on a show, don't even take a piss and look at their own virtues!"




      Just as her words fell, a shocking scene occurred!


      One after another, luxury cars worth millions of dollars came from the entrance of the district, and they were all Rolls-Royces?


      "Who is this family, so luxurious?"


      Zhu Yuqing was stunned, so many multi-million Rolls-Royces, this was too rich, right?


      The money spent on these cars would be enough for several big villas!


      Lu Danqing, who was on the other side, was also stunned and lost his colour, with a strong look of envy in his eyes, this was the kind of luxury car he could only dream of.


      He just hoped that he would one day be able to drive such a top-class luxury car.


      And just then!


      All those luxury cars stopped in front of them, and one by one, the bigwigs stepped down from the luxury cars.


      They walked towards them with respectful expressions!


      "That's Sima Longming, the Sima Family's family head!"


      Lu Danqing fiercely drew a cold breath backwards, his eyes shocked as he looked towards that Sima Longming who had come with the group.


      It was obvious that he had been shaken to the core!


      This was a true business giant!


      Even their group had business dealings with Sima Longming.


      Yet, that was not all!


      "Ye Shihao!"


      "Zheng Honglian!"




      "Oh my, all the top bigwigs in the entire Jiangnan are here, is it hard to believe that there is some big shot here?"


      Lu Danqing was completely stunned, there was a strong shock in those eyes!


      These bigwigs in front of him were existences that dominated the entire Jiangnan economy!