Today I Give Up Trying 1551

 Hearing these words, Shen Yumei's face didn't look too good at once, wasn't this saying they were poor?


      They didn't even have such an attitude towards Zhu Yuqing's family before, they became despicable when they had money.


      "Oh, they don't understand even if you tell them, Yumei, just take the wine and taste what this 100,000 yuan wine is like."


      Zhu Yuqing chuckled and said, while looking at Bai Yi in front of her, but a playful smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.


      "Bai Yi, ah, in the past, our family's Dan Qing pursued you, but you couldn't see him, now you regret it, right?"


      "Nowadays, our Dan Qing is the CEO of a foreign listed company, with an annual salary of more than three million dollars, and all the spending can be listed under the company's bill."


      "He also recently planned to come back to China to open a company, do you want to see if you want to cooperate?"


      Once they heard this, Shen Yumei and her husband's faces turned green.


      And Lu Danqing also gave Bai Yi a contemptuous look, not even bothering to say a word to her.


      She looked as if she was "the one you used to ignore, but now you can't afford me".


      Bai Yi was thinking about Lin Fan at the moment and was not in the mood to pay attention to this mother and son.


      She just said casually and perfunctorily.


      "I'm in the pharmaceutical industry, so I don't think there's much chance of cooperation."


      "That would be a shame!"


      Zhu Yuqing sighed, but her face was a foot of contempt.


      She was just doing it to stink and show off, how would she really work with Bai Yi, what a joke.


      However, that wasn't all!


      "By the way, our family, Dan Qing ah, has also recently bought a villa of more than twenty million dollars in China, right in the Royal Dragon Bay."


      "You guys know about Royal Dragon Bay, right?"


      Shen Yumei's face was ironic and sullen as she said.


      "I've heard of it, the most expensive and wealthy district in Jiang City."


      Zhu Yuqing suddenly gave a surprised expression and said.


      "I didn't expect you guys to know about it, ah, our family Dan Qing is brilliant, said this house was bought for us as a couple to retire, and in some years he will buy another new one to live by himself."


      "You guys have lived in this house for so many years, it's worn out and old, haven't you ever thought of buying a new set?"


      Bai Yi couldn't help but frown at this time, she didn't bother to pay attention to the other party showing off, but showing off while not forgetting to trample on them hard, what was this all about?


      And Bai Shan also smiled awkwardly.


      "After living here for so many years, I've gotten attached to it, so I don't want to move anymore."




      His modesty, however, caused Zhu Yuqing to laugh disdainfully: "I see that you're not living out of the house.


      "I don't think you've grown attached to living here, but you don't have the money to buy it, do you? Old Bai, we're all on the same side, what are you pretending to be?"


      This comment was obviously a bit too much.




      Shen Yumei was so angry at these words that she jumped to her feet, weren't you the ones who were pretending from the beginning?


      "Alright, some other time tomorrow, I'll have my son lead you to our villa, so you can see what a twenty million dollar mansion is really like."


      Zhu Yuqing grinned, seeing the more angry Shen Yumei became, the more pleased she was in her heart.


      This directly infuriated Shen Yumei, and immediately she said angrily.


      "Isn't it just 20 million? Who can't afford it?"




      Zhu Yuqing and Lu Danqing were stunned, and then burst out laughing in unison.


      "Isn't it just 20 million? If you could afford it, why would you need to live in this shabby house?"


      Zhu Yuqing unceremoniously struck out, while sneering up.


      "We've heard that your family found a son-in-law who turned out to be a good-for-nothing loser, and you were even swept out of the Bai family because of this."


      "Now your family, I'm afraid, is not as good as it used to be, is it?"


      Zhu Yuqing disdainfully brushed his mouth, he was already a poor man, but he still had to pretend, how ridiculous!


      In an instant!


      The atmosphere completely dropped to freezing point!


      At this time, even Bai Yi, who didn't want to cause any trouble, couldn't help but be furious.


      And Shen Yumei, who was already in a violent temper, even jumped up straight away.


      "Zhu Yuqing, what do you mean? Are you here to be guests, or are you here to pick a fight?"


      Even Bai Shan, who was at the side, coldly grunted.


      "My daughter is fine and so is my son-in-law, if you still intend to continue insulting them, then I will have to ask you to leave."