Today I Give Up Trying 1550



      That mobile phone was directly in Lin Fan's hands, turning into pieces.


      On the Lin family's side, everyone had been completely stunned after seeing Lin Tian patrol's deadly state.




      After they heard Lin Fan's brutal and cold-blooded declaration of certain death, each and every one of them directly felt as if they had lost their souls.


      For some reason, they actually had the feeling that Lin Fan was true to his word!


      "Did you guys see, that... That Lin Fan's eyes?"


      A Lin family member said, wanting to call Lin Fan a loser, but the moment he associated it with his eyes, he surprisingly didn't have the courage to continue the insult.


      The other Lin family members, however, were all silent, their expressions unnatural.


      Clearly they had all seen it, and they had never seen such a terrifying look in their eyes before.


      That kind of hatred that was so intense to the extreme!


      That utterly insane killing intent!


      It was, well, gut-wrenching!


      At this instant, even Lin Hongtu could not help but have a kind of doubt, were they really wrong back then?


      Because of their stupidity and conceit, they had set up such a great enemy for the Lin family?


      They had caused the three most outstanding young men of the Lin family to be killed by that trash!


      It's over!


      In order to train the three Lin Tian Patrol brothers, their Lin Family had spent a lot of time and effort before finally allowing the three of them to have the qualifications to inherit the Lin Family's business.


      But now!


      It's gone!


      Would their Lin family have to spend another few decades to train another heir?




      Lin Hongtu was completely furious and immediately smashed everything he could see in front of him.


      He hated to kill at this time!


      Three grandchildren!


      He had originally thought that by relying on these three brothers, he would be able to push the Lin family to a higher level again.


      But now, it was all over!


      They were all dead!


      And the one who killed them was the trash they despised the most in the Lin family, which made Lin Hongtu completely mad.


      "Kill! No matter what, I will kill that bastard! Whoever can kill him will be the future head of the Lin Family!"


      Now, seeing that there was no hope for the Lin family to rise, Lin Hongtu simply broke the pot. ,


      At these words, all the eyes of the Lin family glowed green!


      Killing Lin Fan would make him the next family head?


      Even though they knew that Lin Fan was terrifying, they were still willing to make an attempt today.


      After all, there would be brave men under heavy rewards!


      And then!


      Lin Hongtu then looked at Lin Zhanxie with a look of hatred on his face.


      "What a good son you have!"


      Immediately afterwards, he fiercely brushed his sleeves and left in anger.


      At this time, Lin Zhanxie's face was blue and he was gnashing his teeth, obviously knowing that Lin Hongtu was blaming him for not being able to blame his own crotch and giving birth to such a calamity, which had ruined the great future of the Lin family.


      "Lin Fan!!!"


      Lin Zhanyang roared in a low voice, he regretted why, in the first place, he had not dropped that sinful child to death as soon as he was born.




      At this moment!


      Within the Bai family!


      A group of uninvited guests had come and were talking to the Bai Shan couple about something.


      The Bai Shan couple, on the other hand, had an embarrassed look on their faces, not knowing how to react.


      "Old schoolmate, this is a red wine that my son brought back from abroad, it costs 100,000 yuan, your family has never had such an expensive red wine?"


      A woman said smugly, she was Shen Yumei's former colleague Zhu Yuqing, who had since emigrated abroad and had only recently returned.


      The reason why she was able to go abroad was that Bai Shan's family had spent their manpower and resources, and as a result, now that she had some stinking money, she had come back and started to have her tail up in the air.


      Now he is showing off in front of Bai Shan and his family, as if he can't wait for them to know how rich he is.


      Hearing such an expensive wine, Bai Shan was also startled, and then he quickly waved his hand and said.


      "No, no, no, we can't accept such expensive wine, you should take it back."


      "Uncle Bai, this hundred thousand dollars of wine is very expensive for you guys, but for me it's just the money for a meal, it's nothing."


      On the side, Lu Danqing, Zhu Yuqing's son, also said smugly, his face full of arrogance.