Today I Give Up Trying 1549

Lin Fan still has no way to forget, this man's desperation!


      When his mother was beaten to death alive by the Lin family to protect himself, all the Lin family members could understand if Lin Fan looked on coldly.


      But Lin Zhanxie was the only one he could not understand!


      That was his son!


      That was his woman!


      And yet he watched them die as if nothing had happened!


      Cold-blooded and heartless!


      If he felt he was a disgrace, why did he give birth to him in the first place?


      If he felt that his mother was not worthy of him, then why did he mess with her in the first place?


      Within the entire Lin family, the person Lin Fan hated most was Lin Zhanxie.


      He had always dreamed of making this man pay for what he had done, so Lin Fan wanted to bring down the Lin family and make Lin Zhanxie watch his huge business empire completely collapse with his own eyes!


      At that moment!


      Faced with Lin Zhanxie's order, a cold smile appeared at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.


      "On what grounds?"


      Lin Zhanxie gave Lin Fan a deep look, and although he tried his best to hide it, there was still a trace of disgust revealed in the depths of his eyes.


      "On the basis that I won't be disappointed in you yet!"




      While hearing these words, Lin Fan let out a loud laugh, as if he had heard the most ridiculous joke under the sky.


      "What are you laughing at?"


      Lin Zhanyang's face was gloomy, how dare this rebellious son disrespect himself so much and even disgrace him in front of people?


      Lin Fan then stared him down sharply :


      "Unfortunately, I'm already desperate for you!"




      Lin Zhanyang's old face flushed red and he was instantly annoyed, not expecting that even when he opened this mouth, Lin Fan was already not buying it.




      Then, Lin Fan was fiercely stamping down with a furious foot, and Lin Tian Patrol's other arm was also ruined by Lin Fan.


      "Grandpa, save me! Save me!"


      Lin Tiancun's face was hideous with pain, and he wailed with tears streaming down his face, his heart terrified and desperate.


      He didn't want to die!


      And he knew very well that Lin Fan, this madman, would really dare to kill him!


      "Lin Fan, don't give shame!"


      Lin Zhanxie was on fire and roared out straight away.


      "Back then, my Lin family could fix you up, and I still can now! Let go of Lin Tian Patrol and then come to the Lin Family to plead guilty, and I can beg for mercy to spare your life!"




      Lin Fan, who heard this, laughed, going to the Lin Family to ask for forgiveness?


      When he arrived at the Lin family's territory, it was up to the Lin family to decide whether to round up or flatten him?


      Does Lin Zhanxie still treat him like that yellow-haired boy who was not familiar with the world back then?


      Lin Fan shook his head and said.


      "Treating other people's children with such care, yet you can watch your own children being brutalised, Lin Zhanxie, Lin Zhanxie, you're really a capable person!"


      Lin Zhanxie's expression was instantly embarrassed!


      At that moment, he held back his anger and said comfortingly.


      "I know you had some complaints about what your father did back then, but I had no choice but to do it for the sake of training you, so I'm glad you're like this now."


      "So, you can officially return to the Lin family! From now on, you are also the youngest of the Lin family, no one will dare to bully you anymore, let the Lin family make up for you properly, okay?"


      Lin Zhanxiang started to play the emotion card!


      After Lin Tian patrol had returned to the Lin family unharmed, then we could make other plans!




      He had underestimated Lin Fan and overestimated himself.


      From the moment Lin Fan was swept away, from the moment Lin Fan's mother was killed alive in front of his eyes.


      He had nothing but hatred for Lin Zhanxie!






      Lin Fan stomped on Lin Tian Patrol's head with a single kick.


      The last sole sapling of the Lin family was gone!


      Under the terrified gazes of all the Lin family members, a fierce smile appeared on the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.


      "The sins of your Lin family can only be atoned for with death!"


      "Until I kill every last one of you, I, Lin Fan... I will not rest!"